SHUT DOWN Surabaya zoo, due to cruel and scandalous conditions.
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Head of the House of Represenatives in Surabaya Province (DPRD)
Kepada Ketua
Chairman of PKBSI Indonesian Zoological Parks' Association
H. Rahmat Shah- Chairman Indonesia's National Zoo Association
Appointed to correct and monitor the zoo's everyday conditions
Tony Sumampouw
JAAN Jakarta Animal Aid Network
Femke den Haas
Consulate General of the United States Surabaya Indonesia
Kristen F. Bauer

SHUT DOWN Surabaya zoo, due to cruel and scandalous conditions.

    1. Andrea Perkins
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      Andrea Perkins

      Hurst, TX

A giraffe found with a beachball-sized wad of plastic food wrappers in its stomach has died at Indonesia's largest zoo, Surabaya. The 30-year-old male giraffe named 'Kliwon' had for years been eating litter thrown into its pen. The wad of plastic found in his stomach weighed 18kg (40lbs).
This is sadly just one example of the heartless cruelty brought on by lack of caring, funding, and education, inability to control breeding, as well as persistent suspicions that members of its own staff are involved in illegal wildlife trafficking. Let's not let these animals suffer another day. It is up to us to free these and more animals that could one day be housed in this torturous animal prison.
This petition is aimed at Kepada Ketua, the Head of the House of Represenatives in Surabaya Province, Femke den Haas at the Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Kristen Bauer Consulate General of the US Surabaya,  Rahmat Shah, a 'big game hunter' who heads Indonesia's National Zoo Association, and Tony Sumampouw, an 'experienced' zookeeper appointed to clean up the zoo. Rahmat freely admits that "none of the zoos run by the (Indonesian) government are in good condition, but that Surabaya is especially troubled." While Tony has brought the zoo's mortality rate down from 25 to 15 animals a MONTH dying, out of the 4,000 it houses, this is clearly not good enough. He has admitted that he has all but given up. "Nothing short of a 'total renovation' is needed, he said, adding: 'We need to either think about privatising or transferring out some of the animals.' This is ALSO not good enough. This zoo must be SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY. By signing this petition, you are telling Rahmat Shah, Tony Sumampouw, and the entire populace of Indonesia that this type of agression towards the creatures of this planet will NOT stand. It is time to put the animals first. They must be removed. And the Surabaya zoo must cease to exist.

I thank you, and so do all of the animals at Surabaya Zoo..

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      Andrea Perkins
      Petition organiser

      We received an email from today. They are now backing us and 2 other petitions regarding Surabaya Zoo, they have created a vanity URL (Shut Down Surabaya Zoo?) to promote the petitions on their site and are talking about linking our petition to animal rights groups etc, on to further spread the word. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS. The Animals are gaining angels of the world. - Start, Join, and Win Campaigns for Change is the web's leading platform for social change, empowering anyone, anywhere to start petitions that make a difference.

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    4. We have a long way to go!

      Andrea Perkins
      Petition organiser

      We need many more signatures of this aggression is going to end. Please reach out to who you can and have them sign this petition. Combined with other efforts we can change the course of the future of animals at Surabaya zoo!

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    6. Join the FB community page and help spread the word

      Andrea Perkins
      Petition organiser

      Join the FB community page and help spread the word

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    8. I found this report from JAAN from Nov 2011

      Andrea Perkins
      Petition organiser

      At this link is a very comprehensive report by JAAN after having to visit the zoo twice in one month. They say here that better management must be done. Tell them to push for a permanent closing! Its a long blog so search text JAAN to jump to it.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Lucija Januš ZAPLANA, SLOVENIA
      • 2 months ago

      Because torturing animals must be stopped around the world, no matter what. Every animal has a soul.

    • Barb Crites CRUZ BAY, VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S.
      • 2 months ago

      We have a duty to protect the lives of those other creatures who cannot protect themselves.

    • Luana Iannone SãO PAULO, BRAZIL
      • 2 months ago


    • Sarah Buck COVINGTON, LA
      • 2 months ago

      Why WOULDN'T shutting down this zoo be important to ... everyone, including the animals who live there?

    • Matheus Miranda SENGéS, BRAZIL
      • 2 months ago

      zoológicoé uma reitegração do animal selvagem, deve provocar as mesmas sensações para que os animas fiquem mais proximo da realidade. Além do básico que é isso , voces nao possuem , imagine deixar um tigre ficar desse tamanho . Deve fechar ou por os empregados do zoológico de alimento.


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