Bring awareness to animal cruelty and help find information on his death.

Bring awareness to animal cruelty and help find information on his death.

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      Paseo del Rio

A duck that gained popularity for its unique feathers and friendliness towards visitors, was tortured and killed on the River Walk Tuesday night.

Staff at the Original Mexican Restaurant on the River Walk nicknamed the duck “George” (we found out George, is a female) and said it had become a staple at their establishment because it hung out in the same spot for years.

Surveillance video from the restaurant shows two men strangling, jumping on and kicking George, and then throwing him back in the river. A makeshift memorial with flowers and candles, now marks the spot where the abuse happened.

“He would just go up to customers and he was really a unique looking duck,” said Larkin Buchanan, with the Original Mexican Restaurant. “People would feed him and take pictures with him. You see some of the other ducks here, and he was really a unique feature of the River Walk.”

A police report has been filed, so the search is now on for the people responsible for killing him. Because the River Walk is on federal property, federal charges of animal cruelty are a possibility. (Taken from

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    • Elaina Morgan NUTLEY, NJ
      • 13 days ago

      I had Muscovy ducks as a child. They are wonderful, intelligent, loving creatures.

      • 16 days ago

      It is important that the men that did this are identified and punished. I hate the thought that someone could do this to a helpless animal and suffer no repercussions... that is just wrong.

    • carol itoh BOWLING GREEN, KY
      • 17 days ago

      Animal cruelty is an act of a criminal and psychopathic mind. This should be punishable by law as any abuse. Violence to any living being is inexcusable. Find these abusers and killers and put them in jail for what they have done to an innocent animal. If we, as a society, do not hold such barbaric acts accountable then we are no better than beasts ourselves.

    • Maria Sturgess SCHENECTADY, NY
      • 4 months ago

      I don't believe the laws in this country for animal cruelty are stiff enough.

    • Nicole Jenny BRYAN, TX
      • 4 months ago

      My heart hurts for such a beautiful creature who was stolen away from such a nice town. Justice for this innocent baby would be a victory for all of those who loved her, shared their sweet stories of her charming character, and treated her so well. .. she never deserved anything less.


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