I’ve experienced homophobia in Aussie Rules Football first hand -- now it’s time to end it.
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I’ve experienced homophobia in Aussie Rules Football first hand -- now it’s time to end it.

    1. Jason Ball
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      Jason Ball

      South Yarra, Australia

This is a terrifying petition to write. But it’s important. I’d like to tell you what it’s like being a gay footy player, because today there’s a real chance we could begin to change the culture of homophobia in the AFL.

I’ve played amateur footy every season since I was five - almost all in the Yarra Valley league. I was raised in a household that lives and breathes the game. But when I realised I was gay the idea that my teammates might find out was terrifying.

It’s a blokey culture -- and gay slurs are a regular part of games and training. It’s a horrible reminder that you’re different, reviled and unwelcome. It felt like the footy club would be the one place I could never come out. Whether it’s intentional or not, the reality is that the culture of the AFL is hostile to fans and players like me.

Young gay people are up to 6 times more likely to be depressed, to self harm, or to contemplate suicide. I was 12 when I realised I might be gay, and footy was my life. It was a really hard time for me and if I had known of positive gay role models in society, in football, it would have made a world of difference. 

The AFL has done amazing work tackling racism -- now it’s time for the AFL to take real and substantive action to build a culture where people like me are welcomed and supported - and where homophobia is simply not acceptable.

Last week, the AFL issued a statement saying it supported the No to Homophobia campaign (www.notohomophobia.com.au). It’s a great first step, and now the AFL needs to do more.

I believe if the AFL and Andrew Demetriou are serious, they should show the No to Homophobia ad on the big screen at the Grand Final, and even add it to the footy record. It'd show to the hundreds of thousands of people watching that this time their commitment is real. They should commit to a Pride Round, just like they have done with the Multicultural and Indigenous Rounds -- it would have a massive impact in building a more inclusive and respectful culture towards the GLBTI communtiy in sport.

It was my teammates who eventually told me they knew I was gay, and that it wasn't an issue for them. I think I'm pretty lucky to have such a supportive group of players around me - especially in a regional town. It could have gone the other way - and it's no wonder to me that there are no openly gay players in the AFL. I know how they feel. But I think the players are ready for change. The clubs are ready for change. The supporters are ready for change. We just need the AFL to lead and help shift the sporting culture so that players and fans like me can openly be who we are without fear.


I want to show the AFL that there are other players and fans just like me -- who’ve experienced the highs and lows of being gay and intimately involved in the sport we all love. If you’ve got a story to share, please send it to me so that I can share it directly with the AFL: jasonball8888@gmail.com.


Please tweet about this campaign at #aflpride and join this facebook group if you want to help be part of creating a more inclusive and welcoming culture for gay people in the AFL: http://on.fb.me/Nhb5IP

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    2. What action the AFL takes

      Jason Ball
      Petition organiser

      People have been sharing amazing suggestions for what the AFL could do to make real progress on homophobia in the game. If you have ideas please send them in!

      The No To Homophobia ads and other suggestions I've made are meant to be a starting point for a bigger conversation about what real action looks like -- and if there are other better ideas that we could get up, then that would be an amazing success.

      I love hearing your ideas so please keep sending them in to jasonball8888@gmail.com!

    3. Personal stories

      Jason Ball
      Petition organiser

      Thanks so much to everyone who has been sending in their support and personal stories to jasonball8888@gmail.com - it means so much that I'm not the only one doing this and that there's a real group of people for whom this is a very real issue.

      I'm not able to get back to everyone just yet, but just wanted to say thank you so much - I'll read everything, and your stories (even if you want me to keep them confidential) will help make this so much more persuasive for the AFL.

    4. Amazing coverage!

      Jason Ball
      Petition organiser

      Hey Everyone,
      It's been an amazing reaction from the media since I started this campaign, here is some of the coverage we've been getting:

      Channel 7 news: http://bit.ly/OCDfv2
      Channel 10 news: http://bit.ly/Qao2V3
      Channel 9 news: http://on-msn.com/OCCWQV
      ABC Nightly News: http://bit.ly/QanD51
      Sunrise Breakfast TV: http://yhoo.it/Plga2Z
      The Sunday Age: http://bit.ly/PdmsOr
      Monday’s Age: http://bit.ly/U5FXul
      3AW: http://bit.ly/QanNcB
      Joy FM: http://bit.ly/OaOVDZ
      ABC Online: http://bit.ly/Qao9zK

      Please keep sharing the petition!

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      Nick Allardice
      Managing Director, Asia

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      Nick Allardice
      Managing Director, Asia

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    Reasons for signing

    • Danielle Franklin AUSTRALIA
      • 10 days ago

      I am an openly gay female footballer that cant understand the difference between a gay or straight footballer I thought we were all just humans playing a game we love.

    • Jillian Reid AUSTRALIA
      • 12 days ago

      My brother is gay and he loves sport and I love him and I love sport!

    • Massimo Kirk AUSTRALIA
      • 12 days ago

      Because the idea of everyone being equal is imperative at making society a more noteworthy place to live. I'm 15 and I know a few people who are gay. Unfortunately, they aren't available to express themselves as they want because society is referring to its default mentality of shunning homosexual men. Utterly despicable in my eyes and must be put to an end.

    • Jonathon Woodgate CABOOLTURE QLD AUSTRALIA, AA
      • 24 days ago

      I believe that children need to see their role models setting an example for the community.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • about 1 month ago

      "Follow your dreams of a better world, and keep on trying, even when there seems to be little hope, because it is the right thing to do. We may never know how the seeds of kindness that we plant may help others on their journey, today, or even sometime far in the future. But Every act of compassion makes a difference! "-- Robert Alan Silverstein

      " The connection between women's human rights, gender equality, socioeconomic development and peace is increasingly apparent."

      -- Mahnaz Afkhami

      "Women's empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights."

      -- Mahnaz Afkhami


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