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Help Human Trafficking Survivors Meet Their Basic Needs

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      Polaris Project

We need your help to support survivors of human trafficking.

Polaris Project provides comprehensive services to foreign national and U.S. citizen victims, including crisis intervention, emergency shelter, emotional support, and other critical services.  We also operate one of the only transitional housing programs in the country for this population. 

Polaris Project needs your help to continue providing gift cards to survivors so they can purchase food, clothing, and other basic necessities for themselves and their children. 

Here are two easy ways you can make a difference:

1)    Click on the store links to donate one or multiple gift cards from Target, CVS, and Giant
2)    Forward this email to your friends and encourage them to purchase a gift card for a survivor of human trafficking
Gift cards enable survivors to meet their basic needs, while allowing them to begin re-learning how to make choices about spending.  For many, traffickers controlled everything in their lives, and it is essential that they are empowered to make good and healthful decisions.

Wondering how much to put on the gift cards?

Typically, our clients use $25 or $50 gift cards, but gift cards of any value will be greatly appreciated.

All gift cards can be mailed to:

Polaris Project
PO Box 77892
Washington, DC 20013

The gift is tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.  If you have questions, please email Info@PolarisProject.org. 

Thank you for filling this urgent need!

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    • Luis Escobar WEST NEW YORK, NJ
      • about 4 years ago

      I feel very strongly by the fact that human trafficking has yet to be acknowledged by the general population and I hope to help spread awareness that slavery still exists.

      • over 4 years ago

      Polaris Project is a wonderful, federally funded organization that helps combat human trafficking here in the US and abroad. Please help them by donating a gift card to be used to purchase basic supplies for survivors. Thanks for helping out a cause I really care about! Love, Jess

    • Dennis G. NEW YORK, NY
      • over 5 years ago

      Leatrice -- So now we are making the comparison between ex-offenders and victims of trafficking? People need to learn there are consequnces for actions whether there is violence involved or not. I thought we learned this after the Madoff scandal. Foundations and non-profits were destroyed and many people lost there livelihood because of a con game. I think there are a lot of people on this site that need to consider victim rights over offender rights.

    • leatrice brantley FT LAUDERDALE, FL
      • over 5 years ago

      {NON-VIOLENT} EX-OFFENDERS are your modern day SLAVES in America.  They are banned from employment, education, housing, and most government entitlement programs.

      {NON-VIOLENT}  EX-OFFENDERS have replaced the SPANISH Speaking stoop-labor force. 


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