Demand the  Death Penalty for Terrorist killer James Holmes SIGN PETITION
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Gov.John Hickenlooper Colorado

Demand the Death Penalty for Terrorist killer James Holmes SIGN PETITION

    1. Eusebia Luna Aquino-Hughes
    2. Petition by

      Eusebia Luna Aquino-Hughes

      Detroit, MI

The slaughtering of 12 human beings (total of 71+injured) children,moms,dads,sisters,brothers,friends and many others who will be scar for life forever as humans beings cries out for the "justice".Don't let the media give this home grown "terrorist monster killer" James Holmes a "mental card" pass.There is nothing "mental" about this monstrous act on humanity.This home grown "terrorist killer" James Holmes was "purpose driven" to kill human beings.NOTHING MENTAL ABOUT JAMES HOLMES.The killings of a child has caused me to start this Petition for the death sentence for killer of humanity James Holmes.Call Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi at 1-973-285-6200 and demand the death penalty for this monster terrorist killer James Holmes. Holmes protected himself from harm while he killed others.THERE IS NOTHING MENTAL ABOUT HIM! Don't allow Holmes to continue to terrorize the victims,our nation if he gets a "mental card" pass after his court case.May GOD forgive me for this Petition.It must be done.PLEASE SIGN IN
Thank you

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    2. We must demand justices for all the victims.

      Eusebia Luna Aquino-Hughes
      Petition organiser

      Allows them not give James Holmes a "mental card" pass for his crimes on humanity


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    • Kenneth Fox CAMANCHE, IA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This has hurt numerous people. There can be no closure without justice. It is rare that I support the "ultimate penalty." The only purpose of his continued presence on the earth is to be a pollutant.

    • Adrian Maccri NORTH POLE, AK
      • almost 2 years ago

      This Holmes garbage is not a human being as far as I am concerned. He signed away that right the minute he decided to revoke innocent people's rights to live. It is FAR past time to take a harder line with lowlife wastes of flesh such as this and put them in the ground as fertilizer. Monsters like this have no place in our society or in this world. Enough is enough. Stop providing more rights for criminal trash than their innocent victims are granted and pull the plug on this vile inhuman creature. Set an example to those fools of like mind to his, that if you wish to end innocent lives yours will be forfeit immediately upon being proven guilty (although in this case we all know very well he is as guilty as one can get).

      He better not try to plead insanity either as the trap he had set in his apartment screams that his mind was clear although twisted in it's intent and he planned for months in advance (at the least).

      Oh before I forget...

      The "human rights" folks that say he deserves good treatment in prison can go with him as far as I am concerned. You are all a larger part of the picture when it comes to why our justice system is being crippled and innocents have far less actual rights than the monsters who commit these atrocities. Yep, I'm saying it plain as day. You are not a good person if you support this animal's rights over those he killed. You are merely a small step below being as bad as he is in my eyes and I know I am far from alone in that line of thinking. Time to do the right thing and accept that some people (in his case I use the word very loosely) are not fit to walk this Earth if all they wish on others is pain and suffering. You won't "reform" them so time to give up your tired arguments and realize you are wrong 9 times out of 10 on protecting the "rights" of trash like Holmes. Enough said.

      • almost 2 years ago

      We demand justice for Humanity!


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