Fight Cancer: Tell Congress We Need Real Health Care Reform Now
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Fight Cancer: Tell Congress We Need Real Health Care Reform Now

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      American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

Fighting cancer means fixing our nation's health care system - and it means fixing it now.

We need to fight to make sure all Americans have access to early detection screenings that can detect cancer early and even prevent it.  All Americans regardless of income, race or education, should also have access to quality cancer treatment.

Currently there are gaping holes in our country's health care system.  Millions of people with inadequate insurance or no insurance at all are going without lifesaving screenings and treatments and going deep into debt to pay for care they can't afford.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is fighting for legislation that will save lives through prevention, meaningful coverage and improved quality of life.  Join the nation's leading cancer advocacy organization in telling Congress we need real health care reform now.

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