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Facebook and Instagram: Stop Censorsing Motherhood. The 4th Trimester Bodies Project. Birth, Body & Breastfeeding Photos Everywhere

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      4th Trimester Bodies Project

Throughout a traumatic twin pregnancy/birth experience last year and our daughter's fight for survival that followed, I used Facebook and Instagram to share my family’s struggles with the world. The comments of support family and friends shared via social media helped us through incredibly difficult times. But now, instead of being a place where I can share my life, connect with and support others, Facebook and Instagram are banning my photos and locking me and many others out of our accounts.

After my daughters were born, I started the 4th Trimester Bodies Project. A photo documentary in which I honestly capture women with their children. Our focus is embracing the beauty inherent in the changes brought to our bodies by motherhood, childbirth and breastfeeding. Our goal is reducing stigma and normalizing what is natural. So many women I’ve encountered need these photos as part of their healing -- they help women feel powerful in their own skin and challenge society’s idea of “the perfect body”. Yet Facebook and Instagram keep taking them down and blocking us from our accounts!

Facebook has specific policies about breastfeeding photos and claims most photos won’t be banned under their guidelines. However, my artistic images that respectfully depict everyday women are continually removed. Instagram, on the other hand, has no policies about breastfeeding photos and removed my account with no notice or warning. Accounts of other women who post breastfeeding and postpartum photos have also been mysteriously taken down and their photos removed. These policies, designed to keep lewd photos off Facebook and Instagram, are misused to make women and breastfeeding moms feel like they’re doing something wrong. We have photos removed constantly that don't even show women breastfeeding. Simply the natural beauty of women wearing the equivalent of bathing suits. Our photos are continually cencored while blatent pornography and abuses are rampant on both forums.

Women, mothers, are often treated as if breastfeeding, the most natural way of sustaining human life, is something foreign or taboo. We are often told that our bodies with stretchmarks and scars are not beautiful when they should in fact be celebrated for creating and sustaining life. By removing these photos, Facebook and Instagram are contributing to this societal injustice. Join me in asking Facebook and Instagram to stop banning The 4th Trimester Bodies Project, breastfeeding women, non-sexualized nudity and our beautiful photographs.


**UPDATE** Recently, Facebook updated their Terms of Service and Instagram implemented a statement in their Rights and Responsibilities to protect breastfeeding. Unfortunately, subsequent to these changes, women have still been dealing with the removal of now protected images. Furthermore, both platforms have begun to wage a war on naturalism in childhood that on the surface aims to protect children and eliminate child pornography but in reality is vilifying inoccent and artistic photographs of children. Ourselves thorugh the 4th Trimester Bodies Project and many individual women's accounts have had photos removed and bans implimented for showcasing images of small children without shirts or diapers on. These images are not pornographic. They are beautiful innocent images of childhood in which no genitals are shown and no sexual innuendo could possibly be construed. 


As women and mothers we are all for protecting the innocense of childhood, however, suggesting that a shirtless toddler discovering their belly button, a smiling baby on her mothers hip or a diaper free babe taking his first step is somehow sexual, absolutely sends the wrong message. 


It is our goal to fight back against our societies unrealistic notions of beauty and normalize the powerful, radiance of real women and their families. 

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    2. Enough is enough

      Within 24 hours of creating the back up to our fifth deleted Instagram account, @4thTriBodies, we gained a soaring 4,500+ followers in less than 24 hours. In less than 24 hours our account was deleted once again due to violations that simply do not exist. The following day, my personal account @ashleewellsjaxn, began to get attacked as well with 3 violations sent within minutes of one another. At this point we have turned this matter over to our legal and PR team and will be allowing them to strategize and handle things from here. In the meantime, we need your voices more than ever. Please continue to sign and share the petition, please continue to share your favorite images from 4th Trimester Bodies Project, please continue to send us the names of users and accounts who have faced a similar plight so that we can continue this rally cry against what has become more than just censorship, but moved to absolute harassment.

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    4. Another one bites the dust

      Last night, sometime between 10-11pm CST, our FIFTH and largest account @4thtribodiesproject, with over 11k followers, hundreds of pictures, thousands of comments was deleted from Instagram. Once again, no warning, no notice, no discourse. We've started a new account @4thtribodies but the hope is to get our previous account back and put an end to this once and for all. We're asking for answers, we're asking for policy changes, we're asking for this attack on women and mothers to stop. http://instagram.com/4thtribodies

      4thtribodies on Instagram

      Official page of The 4th Trimester Bodies Project. A photodocumentary created by Ashlee Wells Jackson celebrating the beauty inherent in motherhood.

    5. UpROAR

      We've been busy touring and evolving in so many ways but we wanted to take a moment to note that this issue is still so relevant and happening daily to 4th Trimester Bodies Project and women everywhere.

      Despite Facebook's recent change in Breastfeeding Policy our images and others continue to get removed and people continue to lose their accounts. We are planning a large event in conjunction with our San Francisco tour stop and would like to start specifically including all women who have been blocked and banned in our updates. We have so far lost 4 accounts on Instagram - @ashleed, @bringbackashleed, @4thTrimesterBodies and @4thTrimesterBodiesProject as well as our original 4th Trimester Bodies Project Page on Facebook.

      Please feel free to send us the name of your Instagram and Facebook accounts that have been targeted for bans and removal. Thank you as always for your continued support. You can contact us at 4thTrimesterBodiesProject@gmail.com, Facebook or Instagram.

    6. Reached 12,500 signatures
    7. Another Facebook Ban

      Last night we had a story run nationally on WGN specifically about the issues we've been having with Facebook. We had hoped so hard that it would help us make some headway with this issue- http://wgntv.com/2014/01/13/double-standard-facebook-pulls-photos-chicago-moms-protest/

      Unfortunately, we awoke this morning to find that we'd had another photo flagged and removed, a threat of having our page unpublished (again) entirely if it happens once more and I was issued another 30 day ban from the platform.

      Once again we have done or posted NOTHING in violation. This continued harassment needs to stop. Please help us spread the word.


      Double standard? Facebook pulls photos; Chicago moms protest

      A group of Chicago moms is demanding answers from Facebook after their social media page was pulled from the site. A photographer for the group 4th Trimester Bodies takes pictures of moms and their babies to highlight the beauty in women's bodies after birth.

    8. Another Facebook Block

      Last night we posted a link to the incredible sculpture work of Ron Mueck as featured in Juxtapoz Magazine to our Facebook page. We did so, because his work is phenomenal - hyper realist sculptures of people on unimaginable scales often including babies and beautifully realistic depictions of women as we naturally are...because he gets it and his work deserves to be shared.

      I awoke this morning to a notification that the post had been flagged and removed as abusive content, a link to ART and depiction of womanhood censored once again. I am once again locked out of my personal and business accounts for 30 days. (this includes Saving Super Nova, 4th Trimester Bodies Project & Windy City Pin Up)

      This project is actively changing lives and doing good in the world and we will not be silenced. I urge you to continue to sign and share this page, we will continue to send it to Facebook and hope that someday they'll be bothered enough to respond.

    9. Updated Social Media Accounts

      Our pages/accounts have remained unpublished and after struggling with the absence of connectivity for far too long we created new accounts. While we hope that these are temporary and we regain access to our original accounts please follow us there for now.



      4th Trimester Bodies

      4th Trimester Bodies. 11,560 likes · 0 talking about this. The official page of The 4th Trimester Bodies Project. If you are interested in getting involved please email Ashlee - (4thTrimesterBodies@gmail.com) We are shooting currently in the Chicagoland area.

    10. Reached 10,000 signatures
    11. More info on the 4th Trimester Bodies Project

      Thank you to everyone who's signed our petition to Facebook and Instagram! If you want more information on the 4th Trimester Bodies Project, check out the links below:


      - Thanks, Ashlee

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    Reasons for signing

    • Ariel Adams RUSSELLVILLE, AR
      • about 1 hour ago

      I am sick of Social media telling my daughters that NAKED women photo shopped and nearly starved with plastic surgery are sexy and normal but Real NORMAL Bodies and the things our bodies are created to do are so disgusting the general public should not be subjected to it!! USE your Policies equally or not at all!!!

    • Jennifer Richins INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • about 4 hours ago

      I think women have a right to see that everyone is in this together. Our bodies are beautiful--designed by God. These are the types of images that are innocent and innately pure. Why censor these when so much smut exists? These are beautiful--keep doing your thing, ladies!!!

    • Ann Keyes SPRINGFIELD, MO
      • about 4 hours ago

      I posted two photos, twice, on Facebook last week. Two were on a community page and one was my profile pic with the other in the comments under the profile photo. All four were flagged by a user with a warped sense of what kids do in summer: two photos were of my then 3-year-old daughter playing in a water hose unclothed, although absolutely no private parts were shown - not even her tiny chest nipples. Two of the photos posted, I edited after the first pic was flagged: I put a tiny bikini bottom on her. FB removed the first two photos (one edited, one not) and gave me a '24-hour temporary block from posting' that lasted more than 72 hours after the original and edited photos were deemed in violation of standards by whoever looked at them from FB. But the weirdest part was whoever looked at the other two from FB deemed the photos did NOT violate standards and those two were allowed to stay. They were the exact same photos as the first two. So, while I was blocked from even signing in for more than 72 hours, the pic I was using for my profile photo, the pic of my kid unclothed with the water hose, stayed up! One, I agree the bans or blocks or removal "sexualize" photos that are not "sexual." Two, the system of some random pair of eyes determining what is and what is not appropriate clearly doesn't work. If one person deemed my photos as pornographic and one pair of eyes do not, well, that's arbitrary. Worse part, of course, is the big, bad FB cannot be reached. Thank you for attempting to change things.

    • Debbie Nickson BUFFALO, NY
      • about 4 hours ago

      I am an older mother of 2 children and seeing other real women not all the fake effects was healing :)

    • Vickie Hay COSTA MESA, CA
      • about 5 hours ago

      Breastfeeding and motherhood is not pornography.


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