Don't Hoist, Bind, and Starve Bulls for Superstition!
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Don't Hoist, Bind, and Starve Bulls for Superstition!

    1. Linda Camac
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      Linda Camac

      Philadelphia, PA

Cruel traditions based on superstition and culture, at the expense of innocent and suffering animals, can no longer be tolerated.
For the Dong Festival, the villages of the Guangxi Zhuang region practice hoisting bulls up trees and leaving them there until they die. These animals suffer a very slow, agonizing, and terror-filled death while villagers and tourists (including children) snap photos and laugh it up.
The head of the bull is decorated in flowers in a mocking manner as they bull slowly starves to death.
This barbaric tradition is based in superstition to assure 'good luck' and "good harvest".   In truth, this tradition became popularized when it was noted that many tourists were being attracted to this brutal display.
The other reason for this macabre display is to "intimidate" people to behave and be good or they could end up with the same fate at the bull. It is noted that the tradition of bullfighting in Spain first began, also, as a way of intimidating the villagers----"look how savage we can be -- you better obey".
There simply is NO EXCUSE for animal cruelty, based on anything----not for tradition, or superstition, sadistic pleasure, or greed ---nothing!

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    • Erika Umbauer GLOGGNITZ, AUSTRIA
      • about 6 hours ago

      Weil manche Leute/Länder krank sind und unnötiges Leid verbreiten.

    • Birgit Ladenhauf-Ernszt WIEN, WIEN, ÖSTERREICH, AUSTRIA
      • 1 day ago

      because it is necessary!

    • Chathushka Gunawardhana AMBALANGODA, SRI LANKA
      • 2 days ago

      they haven't any right to treat this animal like this..every animal is a part of this world.they have right to live..we are speaking for them

    • Rebecca Anna Silvestro BASEL, SWITZERLAND
      • 2 days ago

      Stoppt Tierqäulerei

    • lorena wehrli ZüRICH, SWITZERLAND
      • 3 days ago

      für mich ist das mord


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