Dolphins Don't belong in Traveling Circus
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Dolphins Don't belong in Traveling Circus

    1. Barbara Napoles
    2. Petition by

      Barbara Napoles

      Miami, FL

As hard as it is to believe, dolphin traveling circuses are a big hit in Indonesia. There are three separate companies running these inhumane operations, much to the delight of the uninformed spectators who pay pennies each to see the dolphins perform.

There are 72 dolphins currently enslaved in Indonesia illegally, many of which are in captivity in these three traveling circuses.  The following three separate companies still run traveling dolphin shows on the main Indonesian island of Java: WSI, Taman Safari Indonesia and Ancol.

These  72 bottlenose and stenella dolphins are kept in the most appalling of conditions to preform for audiences across island of Java. The animals are frequently hauled out of their plastic performing pools and loaded into the back of trucks along with other animals as the circuses move from town to town.

The transportation is so stressful for the animals that many of the dolphins die due to this stress and lack of proper care. 

There is also evidence  that all of the dolphins have all been caught illegally from the wild. Other animals kept in the circus are baby sunbears, small clawed otters, yellow crested cockatoos and an orangutan.

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    1. Reached 40,000 signatures
    2. BBC writes about our petition

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Please continue to share this wonderful petition. The BBC has picked up on the Garuda petition. We hope that the Circus Dolphins will soon be freed to their sea pens and start rehabilitation.

      Femke says Indonesia is the only country that still do the road show featuring dolphins. In other countries have imposed restrictions on the use of dolphins in a traveling circus, because it threatens the life of mammals.

      Other countries have even banned the total performance of dolphins, including the UK and South Korea.

      According to him, the Ministry of Forestry to grant permission to the five companies to do the dolphin show, the two companies including a traveling circus.

      Permission is given with the aim of providing education to the audience.

      But, Femke explains the observation in Indonesia on tour only shows the elements of entertainment.

      "There is no educational element at all, just for the fun of it, the dolphin was sent dancing dangdut" he said.

    3. Garuda Reviews Policies after call for Boycott!

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Garuda Indonesia said it was reviewing its policy on transporting animals after more than 1,400 people signed petition to boycott the national carrier for allegedly mistreating animals.

      “Garuda is committed to environment preservation, including dolphins,” Garuda Indonesia’s corporate secretary, Pudjobroto, said late on Sunday. “Garuda will review the policy on transporting live animals, including dolphins.”

      The airline, which was just awarded ‘World’s Best Regional Airline’ by a British based airline service, was carrying two live dolphins on board a flight to Jakarta from Bali over the weekend.

    4. We won and stopped Garuda Airlines from transporting Dolphins

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser
      Now we have to continue fighting to release these dolphins to JAAN so that they can start to rehabilitate. Dolphins are transported in dry boxes which means that only a wet towel to keep their skin moist. Their vital organs are being compressed as the lay without any water for support. Please continue to share this petition. Let stop the Dolphin abuse. They do not belong in Circuses! Thank you all for your continue support!

    5. Last night activist where able to photograph Dolphins in Cargo holds

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Please check the link attached to this update you will see our other petition with updated photo taken last night as Dolphins were transported under police escort to the Bali Airport.

    6. Reached 17,500 signatures
    7. Petitions delivered around the world

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      The anniversary of the dolphins' scheduled release sparked international outcry that led to demonstrations and petition deliveries across the world. Armed with over 4,000 signatures, individuals and the organization Animals Australia descended on Indonesian Embassies in the United States, England, Sweden and Australia to deliver copies of the petition.

      At the present time we are still waiting for a response from the Indonesia Government. Please continue to share and inform everyone about the plight of these poor Dolphins entrapped in a Circus show.

    8. Delivery of Protest letter to the Indonesia Consulate

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Here is a video highlighting all the activists that took part in a protest around the world.

    9. Reached 15,000 signatures
    10. Protesters in the Netherlands

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Protesters in the Netherlands also gave their copy of their letters and the petition to the Embassy. Thank you everyone a job well done!!

    11. Reached 5,000 signatures
    12. From Holland....

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Holland held a protest and delivered a copy of the petition to the Consulate or Indonesia Embassy. Thank you to all of those that attended

    13. Italy's Press release

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Thank you those activist in Italy that have helped to share this petition.

    14. Reached 4,000 signatures
    15. Delivery of Protest letter to the Indonesia Consulate in NYC

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Pete Bethune of Earthrace Conservation Org. delivers in person our message to the Consulate in New York City. Please remember that this weekend is virtual event - if you cannot be at a demonstration, please send off a few more letters to an Indonesia Embassy near you. They need to be made aware that the world is watching. Thanks you

    16. Reached 3,000 signatures
    17. Video of Dolphin kills for shark fins.

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

    18. Dolphins die for soup in Indonesia

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      “It is not true. How could that be? I have never heard of dolphins being hunted before,” he said at a recent press conference. Although it can be difficult to believe, the mounting evidence runs counter to what most believe is happening at sea. “Local people consider them, dolphins as man’s best friends, so they would not go after them, let alone eat or use their meat as bait,” he added.

      In other parts of Indonesia, dolphins generate big tourism dollars. In the town of Lovina in the North of Bali, locals run trips to visit a pod of resident dolphins in a nearby bay. Dozens of boats head out each morning at sunrise in the hopes of seeing the acrobatic spinner dolphins in the wild. It is estimated that the boatmen operating in the community receive, around USD 267,000 to USD 285,700 from annual admission fees for their popular dolphin watching trips. Surely, with the right education this dolphin tourism model could be used in Lombok as well.

    19. Reached 2,000 signatures
    20. We have reached our initial goal of 1500

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Please help us get to the next number of signatures...Today there were 98 Dolphins killed in Taiji. At this rate the world might not see many dolphins in the ocean. Spread awareness everywhere, if the oceans become silent that means the waters will be dead and soon humanity will follow. Thank you for your continue support.

    21. Reached 1,500 signatures
    22. Just reached over 1,000 signatures!

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Thank you to each and everyone of those that are signing are sharing. Keep it up - Lets keep the pressure on the Indonesia Government. These Dolphins need to be rehabilitated and freed back to their native waters.

    23. Reached 1,000 signatures
    24. Indonesian govt. ignores calls to end dolphin traveling circus

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      The WSI-owned dolphins, were part of a larger group of 70+ dolphins, that Indonesia's Forestry Department has agreed to turn over (in Oct. 2010), to the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) and the US-based, Earth Island Institute. Currently meant to be undergoing rehabilitation, the dolphins have yet to be released, despite the signing of an agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), between conservation groups and the government.
      The MOU involved a five-year plan to rehabilitate and reintroduce more than 70 captive dolphins back to the ocean, and with the aid of the Earth Island Institute and support from Ric O'Barry's, Dolphin Project and Save Japan Dolphins, the largest sea pen in the world was built to receive them, at Karimun Jawa Island. JAAN was meant to begin receiving the dolphins in March 2011. Yet some 16 months later, the $50,000 ocean enclosure, remains empty.
      The Government of Indonesia needs to keep their word and release the Dolphins to Earth Island Institute ~NOW

    25. Reached 750 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • shayla elam BOWLING GREEN, OH
      • 3 days ago

      Leave the sea be.

    • Jennifer Lopez VALLEJO, CA
      • 10 days ago

      These precious animals should not be held captive! Especially if it is being done illegally! Stop this now!

    • Maren Burdorf-Koch VERDEN, GERMANY
      • 11 days ago

      they belong to the sea and not in a basin

    • michelle golenya AUSTRALIA
      • 12 days ago

      no wild animals should be in captivity

      • 13 days ago

      This is barbaric they have the right to live free!!


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