Devon County Council / Exeter County Court: Allow an 85 year old gentleman to visit his wife in her care home..

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      Ally Ainsley

      colyton, United Kingdom

Ok, this is a major rant and a shameless plea for your help, all rolled into one. Apologies for the lengthiness, but this story must be told. Please bear with it.

An 85 year old man was presented with a Court Order, banning him from visiting his beloved wife of 55 years in her care home. Due to the Court Order, instigated by Devon County Council and imposed by Exeter County Court, I cannot disclose his name.

His wife was placed in the home in 2009, due to severe dementia. Shortly afterward, the Management there told him he had endangered her by feeding her a Malteser and later, by trying himself to lift her on to a commode. It was when he complained about her mistreatment at the hands of staff, that he found himself subject of a Court Injunction.

This dear old chap has spent the last 4 years campaigning, alone by way of protest in Exeter City, for the right to spend time with his wife in her final months. My courageous and wonderful friend met him by chance and vowed to help him be reunited with his soulmate. She regularly spends time with him, and dries his tears. He is completely illiterate due to his education being interrupted for him to take part in the WW2 war efforts. He is, and has always been a well-respected member of his community.

His case will be presented to an MP in London this October. But time is running out and we need this petition signed so that it may be presented then. 

This is inhumane and unfair, and allowing it to happen will not only cause a devoted husband and wife to live out their limited time without each other’s comfort, but will set a precedent for families being torn apart.

It is a rare and beautiful thing to love someone unconditionally for 55 years, so please help us to get justice for him. It only takes a second to sign, so please, please help, and thank you in advance, you lovely people... and feel free to share!  xxxxx

Allow an 85 year old man to visit his wife in her care home. He has done nothing wrong.

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    1. Thank you all for your support !!

      Ally Ainsley
      Petition organiser

      The gent in question has read your signatures and comments and was moved to tears.

      He was since offered an opportunity to see his wife on condition he apologised to the judge for his conduct in campaigning. He refused steadfastly, despite advice to do so.

      His wife soon afterwards passed away, at which time he was allowed to kiss her forehead and wish her a peaceful onward journey.

      This campaign has since become about getting an apology for HIM. Ernest John Coles, we salute and support you. X

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      • 4 months ago

      My family have had first hand dealings with the parent company of the care home and we know all to well how corrupt they are. This company needs to be stopped, now! Read the Tim Burness blog ARE SANCTUARY HOUSING ABOVE THE LAW? You will see what they are all about. Poor John's wife has sadly past away, by he still needs justice for the torture that he has been put through.

    • carole jahme LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 7 months ago

      It is the job of social services to SERVE thus to give help & support NOT control merely to serve the needs of those assuming control. This is a disgraceful case where the legal silencing of this man supports the destructive acts of social services & prevents cases like these being exposed.

      • 7 months ago

      What GOD hath joined let no man put asunder.

    • anne habermacher BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 months ago

      Everyone has a right to visit family members wherever they are and particularly whilst in care.

      Many care homes have been found lacking in care, giving unhealthy food to patients, pumping them up with drugs.

      Devon County Council and the court must do the honourable thing and allow him to visit his wife.

    • helen hudson AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      this is a human rights issue. Visits with supervision would be suitable if there was a genuine issue


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