United States decision makers: Protect the gray wolves
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United States decision makers: Protect the gray wolves

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      Aurelia Valente

      Santa Fe, NM

Wolves are amazing and beautiful creatures and the gray wolves don’t deserve to go extinct. Humans have already had a hand in wiping out plenty of animals already. If gray wolves are voted to be no-longer protected and taken off of the endangered species list, humans will be free to shoot them everywhere. They are having a hard enough time as it is surviving in the wild. It doesn't help people want to kill them already. Some people just want to be able to shoot them. Others are worried about their livestock and blame it on them if one cow dies, but gray wolves hardly attack livestock anyway. (Most of the time wild dogs kill them and the wolves just scavenge the bodies).Gray wolves are also a very important part of our ecosystem. They keep deer and elk populations in check, as well as keeping pest populations down which helps stop the spread of diseases.Gray wolves hardly ever attack people or pets. They may attack a dog if it wanders into the wolf’s territory in protection of them and their pups, but my parents would do the same for me. They don’t wander into towns to attack, though. When the endangered species act was put down as law, the wolves were on the verge of extinction. I don’t think it’s fair for us to be able to shoot them now.I think they should stay protected, and I hope you do too.

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      Aurelia Valente
      Petition organiser

      Hello everyone! We're almost there. Scientists are saying that it violates the endangered species act to take them off and are "recommending" that the government keep the gray wolves on it. Also over 1 million people are commenting about it and nearly 500,000 are declaring their support by sending messages. Not only that but ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee Peter DeFazio (D-OR) released a bipartisan letter co-signed by 73 House members urging Secretary Jewell to continue protections for gray wolves and rescind the proposed delisting rule immediately.
      This is big. We are almost there but not yet. We just need to get over the bump and get the United States government to Keep the Mexican gray wolves from going extinct.
      Here are the links:


      Nearly 500,000 More Americans Speak Out Against Federal Plan to Strip Wolves of Protections

      For Immediate Release, March 31, 2014 Nearly 500,000 More Americans Speak Out Against Federal Plan to Strip Wolves of Protections Scientific Peer Review Questioning Wolf Proposal Prompts Many to Write Administration WASHINGTON- More than 460,000 Americans filed official comments calling on the U.S.

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    • Dan Colbert AKRON, OH
      • 21 days ago

      Wolves are gorgeous intelligent and very social creatures. We have and can learn much from them about social structure loyalty and teamwork. It is why we domesticated them into dogs. Now, we seem to have no room for them. But, in fact most Americans want them protected. It is only special interest ranchers and sport hunters who want them dead.

      Wolves are an apex predator critical to the balance and functioning of ecosystems. They absolutely must remain on the endangered species list.

    • Per Lundbaeck HAPARANDA, SWEDEN
      • 23 days ago

      The woves are under threat from hunters and other, housewives protecting their Children and other who do not understand what they are doing.

    • Debra Smessaert PROPHETSTOWN, IL
      • about 1 month ago

      Please protect the wolves they are very important to everyone. They are misunderstood they just want to be left alone to raise their families. Please #keep wolves listed. Thank you.

    • Janet Caruso YONKERS, NY
      • 2 months ago

      Wolves belong here

      • 3 months ago

      Wolves and other wildlife have been on this Earth long before man existed and they have just as much God-given right to be here!!

      Just remember that if our animal kingdom is rendered extinct,

      so will all of mankind and the consequences will come from the mighty hand of the Creator, when He renders His final Judgment!!


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