Bring Our War Dollars Home to Rebuild America
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Bring Our War Dollars Home to Rebuild America

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Major financial problems, including deep budget cuts in towns and cities across the United States have made it obvious that the allocation of America’s financial resources must be redirected quickly. Continued expenditures for warfare in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan create a financial drain that this congressional district and this nation cannot, and should not, pay for any longer.

As the originating source for federal funding legislation, the House of Representatives holds major responsibility for war funding. Sign our petition below to push the U.S. House of Representatives to stop funding war profiteers and start investing in our future.

We urge our Representatives to vote NO on any further war funding appropriations for Iraq and Afghanistan, whether they are voting in the FY2011 budget or in "supplemental" bills, in order to redirect the nation‘s resources toward improving our education system, infrastructure, and health care programs. To bring our country out of the worst crisis in decades, we must redirect our war dollars to fulfill local community, family, and business needs throughout the U.S.


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