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Boycott FreshDirect

    1. South Bronx Unite
    2. Petition by

      South Bronx Unite

      Bronx, NY

FreshDirect proposes to use $130 million in tax payer subsidies to occupy public waterfront land in the South Bronx, imposing 2,000 daily vehicle trips through a community already facing asthma rates five times the national average.

This company is a parasite on the public: they use public dollars to aggravate public streets with noise, exhaust, and waste.

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    1. Court Hearing and Rally Monday April 7th

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Monday, April 7
      Bronx Supreme Court, 851 Grand Concourse

      8:30 am | Rally/Press Conference
      Gather on the steps of the Bronx Supreme Court facing 161st Street

      9:30 am | Oral Arguments
      Judge Brigantti-Hughes’s Court | Room 702

      The community effort to challenge FreshDirect’s proposed move to the South Bronx continues! Still before the Court is the legal claim challenging the New York State Department of Transportation’s (DOT) approval of the sublease of public land to FreshDirect in violation of the State Constitution because the FreshDirect project eviscerates the public purpose of this state-owned land.

    2. Reached 1,000 signatures
    3. Community Action Against Fresh Direct for the South Bronx Waterfront

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Green Beginnings for the South Bronx Waterfront | A Community Action Against FreshDirect
      Saturday, March 22 | 12-2 pm
      Join South Bronx residents, faith leaders, local organizations and city-wide friends and allies for a community action on Harlem River Yards against the proposed relocation of FreshDirect to the South Bronx. Participants will then have the option to plant sunflowers, renowned for detoxifying soil, along the brownfield waterfront.

      Brook Park | 12-1 pm

      12:00 - Meet at Brook Park | 141st Street and Brook Avenue | Assemble and march to Harlem River Yards

      Harlem River Yards| 1-2 pm

      1:00 - Interfaith reflection on environmental injustice in the
      South Bronx and option to plant sunflowers, and more!

    4. A Victory Today. FreshDirect Corporate Welfare pulled from NY Empower Zone

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      South Bronx Unite and New York Lawyers for the Public Interest Applaud Congressman José Serrano on the NY Empowerment Zone Board’s Rejection of $3.5M FreshDirect Subsidy
      In the Face of Certain Defeat by the NYEZ Board, FreshDirect Withdraws Application for $3.5 Million in Subsidies to Relocate to the South Bronx
      FreshDirect’s proposed move to the South Bronx suffered a serious setback when it had to withdraw its $3.5 million request via the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC) for funding from the New York Empowerment Zone (NYEZ) Board. The withdrawal occurred amidst strong community opposition and after FreshDirect learned that the Board planned to vote “no” and reject the application. In comments made at the Board meeting after the withdrawal had occurred, Board Member and Congressman Jose E. Serrano made clear that he would have voted “no” on the proposed package today, and would do so at any time in the future. Full story here:

    5. COURT DATE to Stop Fresh Direct!

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      COURT DATE to
      Stop Fresh Direct!

      December 5th at 1:45 pm
      27 Madison Ave, Manhattan
      (between 25th and 26th Street)

      This has been one of our main focus points, we need everyone to help!

      If you cannot make it get someone or a group to attend!

      Help defend the South Bronx from economic and environmental exploitation and stop the $127 million in subsidies to a polluting corporation that has never made a profit and never consulted the local community.

      We need people there!

      Mark your calendar, bring a friend, be on time if you can.


      December 5th at 1:45 pm

      27 Madison Ave, Manhattan
      (between 25th and 26th Street)

      Let us know if you can make it.

      We can help with transportation $ if you get there.

      Sisters and brothers,

      The address for the oral argument on FreshDirect at
      1:45 on December 5 at
      Supreme Court-Appellate Division is:
      27 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010,

    6. Email Action, Write Bloomberg

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      mail action, pass it on!
      Dear Mayor Bloomberg,
      I am writing about the controversial proposal to offer Fresh Direct cash and tax breaks to relocate from Queens to the South Bronx waterfront.
      As you know, the South Bronx is already disproportionately burdened with waste facilities, power plants and diesel truck traffic. You are to be commended for making sure the East 91st Street marine transfer facility is opened, but please do not dump a tax payer subsidized truck fleet for an unprofitable corporation on our potentially vibrant waterfront.

      Please reject the recent City Planning Commission report that the Restrictive Covenant on the Harlem River Rail Yards land use would not be violated.

      page to find many links that may be of assistance to you.

    7. Boycott Campaigner removed from local Community Board

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Removes A. Mychal Johnson from Community Board 1 Following Rigorous Opposition to FreshDirect’s Relocation to the South Bronx and Competing Visions for the Future of the Waterfront

      One of the most outspoken opponents to Ruben Diaz’ plan to bring truck-laden FreshDirect to the South Bronx, A. Mychal Johnson, was notified by the Bronx Borough President today that he is no longer a member of Community Board 1. Mychal had served on the board for seven years, but it was his vocal opposition to the $127 million-subsidized FreshDirect deal that drew fire from the Borough President, who announced the deal as final before the sole public hearing on the matter.

    8. Opposition to FreshDirect Project Grows to 34 Organizations

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Sustainable South Bronx, Bronx Council for Environmental Quality and Green Worker Cooperatives Release Independent Policy Statements Against the Company’s Move to the South Bronx

      Citing the neighborhood’s “long history of being overburdened with unfavorable land uses that have resulted in challenging health and quality of life issues for community residents,” Sustainable South Bronx released a policy statement on Monday applauding the efforts of the South Bronx Unite coalition in its year long campaign to raise awareness about the effects of the truck-intensive online grocer’s proposed move to public waterfront land in the Mott Haven/Port Morris neighborhood.

      “As advocates for the South Bronx, we at Sustainable South Bronx find it unacceptable that FreshDirect’s move to the South Bronx has not been subject to an environmental impact study and that the company has refused to conduct such a study” more:

    9. Our Day in Court

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser


      A little more than a year from the start of our battle against the relocation of FreshDirect to the South Bronx waterfront, this Monday, March 4th, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest will argue for our rights against an army of attorneys from FreshDirect, the NYC IDA, the NYC EDC, the NYS DOT, ESD and Harlem River Yard Ventures.

      We need all coalition members, supporters and allies from the environmental, food and social justice movements to stand shoulder to shoulder with us on this important day!

      When: Monday, March 4, 8:30 am
      Where: Bronx County Courthouse, North Steps
      851 Grand Concourse, East 161st Street.
      What: Press Conference Before Oral Argument
      Then Court at 9:30AM
      We know many people have work and other responsibilities, we have been facing an uphill battle, yet we are winning! They are trying EVERYTHING to thwart us.
      Over the past year, together we have stopped a "done deal". Join us Monday.

    10. Community Waterfront Re-Design in the News

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Our efforts to create a community input process for the redesign of our waterfront was in the News recently. We hosted local architects and designers and professionals from Hunter College. Read about that here:

      Finally, we have lots going on! Join us and stay current at:

      Thanks again and We Are winning!

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    11. Fresh Direct On the Run

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Thanks to your support, Fresh Direct and their lawyers have resubmitted an entirely new and different project. We believe this demands even more review. They have abandoned 3 acres of their proposal, bowing to our strong legal arguments and continued and growing community outreach. Thank yo for your support!
      See this article:

      FreshDirect scales back South Bronx expansion plan

      Photo: Buck Ennis FreshDirect is scaling back its footprint in the South Bronx, where it plans to relocate in several years, and where it is being sued by a community group that opposes its development plan.

    12. Reached 500 signatures
    13. In the News. Your Particiaption is Needed More Than Ever

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Last Friday, September 28, it was revealed that South Bronx Environmentalist and Activist, Majora Carter, was hired by Fresh Direct to help facilitate community support for the company. We need politicians and community leaders to realize that we are not complacent and will no longer support their corruption and selling us out to multi-million dollar corporations. If a self-proclaimed environmental activist FROM the South Bronx will sell us out for a price, who else will? Please spread this information and continue to check our website for updates.

      Thanks for your support,

      - South Bronx Unite

      Below are articles recently printed about Carter:

      FreshDirect Hires Majora Carter to Round Up Local Support for Bronx Move - New York

      HUNTS POINT - FreshDirect 's planned move to The Bronx, aided by $130 million in public subsidies, whipped up controversy from the moment it was announced in February.

    14. We are 16 signatures away from 500!

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      But we still need your help. Please pass the petition onto friends, family, and colleagues that you know would be interested in this. We can do this, but we need community participation.

      Thanks fore your continued support!

      South Bronx Unite

    15. Waterfront Survey!

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Hello Supporters of Boycott FreshDirect,

      As we continue our fight we are hoping to gather your input as to what YOU would like to see on the South Bronx Waterfront. Please take a minute to answer our quick survey ( and share your ideas. Together we can make a difference.

      with many thanks,

    16. Reached 250 signatures
    17. 74 Signatures!

      South Bronx Unite
      Petition organiser

      Thank you for signing, we are well on our way. Join us today at Verdi Square Park, 72nd and Broadway at 4:30pm for the Boycott Press Release!

    18. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • susan stetzer NEW YORK CITY, NY
      • 6 days ago

      I have observed Fresh Direct breaking laws when loading / unloading and causing safety problems and pollution. This only serves rich people.

    • carolina lopez NEW YORK, NY
      • 8 days ago

      Asthma in the south bronx has reached epidemic proportions, and adding 2000 vehicle trips to a neighborhood already ringed by highways is an irresponsible use of public funds. This is waterfront property that could be used to develop public park land which could contribute to significantly improving the overall health of a borough that is plagued by disproportionately high rates of asthma, obesity, hypertension, and cardiac disease.

    • Patsy Blaylock BRONX, NY
      • 15 days ago

      I'm very concerned about the environment and also the ability for small grocery store owners to keep a living.

    • Sarah Gampel BROOKLYN, NY
      • 24 days ago

      There is only one earth.

    • Emilie Langford NORTHUMBERLAND, NH
      • 26 days ago

      This project sounds problematic in several ways. The air pollution, the noise pollution and the traffic are just three .Children and adults need a 'green' area.


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