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Bartow County Commissioner
Steve Taylor
Environmental Protection Department
To Whom it may Concern

Bartow Commissioner Steve Taylor; and EPD: Stop the construction of any type of landfill at Iron Hill

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      Stop the Dump

The site is located in an area designated as being of higher susceptibility to groundwater pollution in the Georgia Digital Environmental Atlas, and also has been identified as a significant groundwater recharge area. Numerous sinkholes and spring fed lakes are in the area.  The danger of permanent damage to the water table, the creeks, wells, springs, sloughs, and the Etowah River is real. Pollution by methane gas, noise pollution, and and airborne chemical pollution are other concerns. Habitat for diverse and abundant wildlife will be destroyed.  Endangered species present in and around the Etowah River will be placed in further peril should contamination of the water supply occur.

Steve Taylor, Bartow County Commissioner
To Whom it may Concern, Environmental Protection Department
Stop the construction of any type of landfill at Iron Hill, Hodges Mine Road

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    • David Nation ROOSEVELT, NY
      • 4 months ago

      I own 16+ acres of land that will boarder this dump

    • Spencer Tompkins EUHARLEE, GA
      • 7 months ago

      I live out there close to where the dump is proposed and I don't want trash at my back door. Especially considering the water features of the area.

    • Leslie Crawford CARTERSVILLE, GA
      • 7 months ago

      I continue to be concerned about the environment in Bartow County. We were unsuccessful in stopping the wrong path of DV-E even though it won't be bisecting a scenic and historic mountain - it will be 4 miles longer than necessary and bisect beautiful ranch land. Our envionment is precious and Bartow County administrators need to protect the environment, not destroy it.

    • Vickie Morgan CARTERSVILLE, GA
      • 8 months ago

      Stop the pollution!

    • Susan Sarty KINGSTON, GA
      • 9 months ago

      Ground water contamination; air pollution; damaged roadways; diminished wildlife; increased traffic accidents; personal property (homes and farms) would be worthless.


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