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Ban sale/distribution of the shark fins and products containing shark fins.
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Ban sale/distribution of the shark fins and products containing shark fins.

    1. Petition by

      SCUBA Film Factory

Shark finning is very gruesome thing.

If you will see it you will be deeply disturbed and sad. Sharks, big and small are dragged on board a fishing vessel, their fins are chopped off while they are alive, and then they are dumped overboard to die in agony. There is no shred of mercy in fishermen’s mind. Just check the internet and you will see it by your own eyes!

Shark fins are used in some oriental cuisine. It is based on believe in a mythical power the shark fin soup has.  This myth has no scientific substantiation and purely based on perception. In ancient times to catch strong and powerful predator was a serious challenge – just imagine catching a lion with a wooden stick. Over time this created such culinary glory to dishes made from the shark fins and there was no damage to the environment so few sharks was caught.

Today, fishing methods technologically evolved. Many places have become overfished and the ocean’s population is declining at a disastrous rate. Now, what was available to an exclusive part of people, become available to everybody. Today anyone can taste shark fin soup which was a privilege of very wealthy people not too long time ago.

Sharks are disappearing. If they all disappear, the order of life in oceans will be disrupted catastrophically. It will take very long time to ocean to stabilize and it will never be the same. Just contemplate the disappearance of the Great White Sharks – perception the Great White Sharks by majority of people on the planet is formed by the infamous horror movie “Jaws” and is far from reality as it can be. The Great White Sharks are feeding on seals. Their existence keeps seal population fit, healthy and limited. Seals prey on large fish, in the most cases that fish is a predator and weaker, ill fish is preyed upon, therefore these fish populations are being controlled. And this food chain influences algae level and corals. As you see, our environment and ocean life is a large system where all layers are interdependent. Disappearance of any of them will destruct this system potentially in a disastrous way. I’m confident, none of us wants this!

There is another reason I’m starting this petition. I’m diving with sharks. I observing them and taking videos often from a very close distance. My life changing experience was diving with Great White Sharks. I have spent many hours underwater, up to my waist out of a cage and filming them in a few inches away from their teeth. The shark has many opportunities to get me – never happened. For these hours my fellow divers and I did not notice a slightest sign of aggression. The Great White Shark was there out of curiosity and was entertaining himself. I have realized sharks have intelligence, they can be bored, they want to explore – they are, actually, have personality! You may watch our videos about sharks on YouTube: http://youtu.be/6N59ukLpf0k  ,  http://youtu.be/FX98tzv4WZA ,  http://youtu.be/Pap0LR0-INk ,   http://youtu.be/1q8rxk5fG24   as visual evidence so you what I’m talking about.

After that, my perception of the whole world around me changed – it is not for my consumption – we are part of this world as well all of them – animals, insects, plants, etc. And all these creatures deserve to be respected as we respect other humans.

Shark finning is big business and big money is involved. Our country is not the biggest consumer of fins but we still stimulate this inhumane business. The only way to save our sharks is to ban sale and distribution of the shark fins and products containing shark fins. Let’s have mercy on sharks, let’s respect them as we respect our own little brothers – dogs and cats, let’s be humane – it will make us better people and world around us better too!

Oleg Finodeyev, SCUBA Film Factory

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    1. Reached 4,000 signatures
    2. Good will prevail!

      Dear friends:
      Thank you for supporting this petition. The good news is that many people and organizations are fighting this inhumane practice. The state of CA passed ban on shark fins and despite the push from culturally diversified communities, the court refused to block it. It is great news!
      There are many petitions online and you can support them here:

      Please find a few minutes to sign these petitions - we are fighting for very good cause.

      Another good news - shark fins consumption by "major sharks enemies" - Chinese is declining:

      My best wishes,
      Oleg Finodeyev

      Stop Shark Finning Petitions

      Please sign these internet petitions to protect sharks and demand a ban on shark finning. Please also share them with your contacts on social media platforms. Get in touch if you know of any more! Added August 6th 2013: Tell Reunion Island not to cull sharks! Sign here. Also this petition.

    3. The first 1,000 signatures!

      Dear friends:
      In two weeks we have collected first 1,000 signatures.
      We have emailed the petition to all dive clubs we were able to locate on the internet. The next step is to put its link to divers blogs around the world.
      We, also, trying to contact other environmental organizations with hope on their help. Yesterday I have emailed letter to Shark Angels - let see what will happened.
      Ones again, we never did anything alike and any links or suggestions will be of the great help. Please contact me at oleg@scubaff.com.
      Thank you all again!
      Oleg and Meera

    4. Reached 1,000 signatures
    5. Our progress

      Dear supporters:
      Last night and today we have emailed petition to all dive clubs we were able to find in directory.

      Please note, we never were running any petitions before and any help and suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Please contact me oleg@scubaff.com

      Thank you for support,
      Oleg and Meera

    6. Reached 750 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Jennifer Jurek ASTORIA, NY
      • 1 day ago

      We are harmful, destructive, inhumane and materialistic. We will destroy anything to fill the void which it seems only money can satisfy-- temporarily. It's disgraceful that we as a race cannot seem to see that we all are responsible for this lack of respect for life on all levels. I take full responsibility for the destruction of our own world, and if signing this petition helps in any way, since I'm not rich, I give it willingly. I'll do anything it takes to put band aids on it. But I know in the end that it's just another holocaust, another mass murder, another, failure and effort to make a dollar, come to power, find any change in the couch. This won't last, and when we are all destroyed from a meteor or some sort of huge wave or bears finally revolting, I hope we are never invited back. Lowest life forms are those that have free will, and choose to make the world into a bathroom. And, I happen to love sharks.

    • Nicholas Hope WOODSIDE, CA
      • 5 days ago

      I love sharks!

    • Caroline van der Merwe CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA
      • 10 days ago


      • 11 days ago

      Sharks are beautiful and majestic creatures which contribute to the maintenance of healthy marine ecosystems, they should not be slaughtered for the si

    • Lucas Bridge KITCHENER, CANADA
      • 12 days ago

      Sharks are victims....we need them!


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