Ban Inhumane Gassing of Shelter Pets in Utah!
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Ban Inhumane Gassing of Shelter Pets in Utah!

    1. Petition by

      Larissa Tuttle

      Mission Viejo, CA

Some shelters in Utah are still using an inhumane gas chamber to euthanize animals. This method of killing has been banned for the worst serial killers on death row in the United States, yet officials still allow it to kill innocent homeless pets, including cats and dogs.

The picture above is of a kitty named Andrea, who everyone is hoping will be the spokes kitty to finally get the gas chamber banned in the state of Utah. She was gassed twice and put in a freezer, awaiting transport to a landfill, when a shelter worker opened the freezer and heard her meow. This is just one of many demonstrations of how problematic gas chambers really are.

The Association of Shelter Veterinarians has stated, "...the use of carbon monoxide for individual or mass companion animal euthanasia in shelters is unacceptable due to significant humane, operational and safety concerns." Please read their document available online at:

HSUS states, "Carbon monoxide (CO) gas is, without question, an unacceptable method of euthanasia in states where shelters can legally obtain and administer sodium pentobarbital." Source:

Please click to send this petition letter or a letter of your own with a message to ban gas chambers for killing animals in Utah shelters. You are also free to make comments.


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    1. Reached 5,000 signatures
    2. Animal advocates seek change at animal shelter using gas chamber for euthan

      Larissa Tuttle
      Petition organiser
    3. West Valley animal shelter comes under fire

      Larissa Tuttle
      Petition organiser

    4. Save More Andreas

      Larissa Tuttle
      Petition organiser

      Save More Andreas. Andrea miraculously got another chance at life after surviving the gas chamber. Her message includes simple steps that can spare others from what she endured.

    5. Cat survives 2 euthanasia attempts at Utah shelter

      Larissa Tuttle
      Petition organiser

    6. Reached 2,500 signatures
    7. Andrea has been adopted! Look at this lovely girl!

      Larissa Tuttle
      Petition organiser

      Andrea , the cat that survived the gas chamber twice, was adopted into her new home today! She is now the little sister to two handsome orange tabby boys. Her new mom was so happy to finally have Andrea join their family. It was only moments before Andrea started exploring her new home and playing with her favorite toys she brought along. Andrea seems to be settling in very well, we think she will be very happy.

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    Reasons for signing

    • otis henry OCALA, FL
      • 13 days ago

      ... this important to all of us. 20 odd states have banned gassing already - come on utah - join in

      • 18 days ago

      as long as we have no power to

      create life , we have no wright to kill .

    • monica odgers HARTFORD, WI
      • 21 days ago

      At the hands of humans, this disregard, abuse, torture and inhumane killing of vulnerable, innocent animals must end. Spare these dogs/cats lives. Give them time to be reunited with their owners, find good homes or allow them to be emotional assistance/support animals. These dogs can provide a unique source of support for people with special needs, depression, autistic children, seniors with dementia, introverted teenagers, post traumatic stress disorder, people with chronic or terminal illness, tourette syndrome, lupus or multiple sclerosis, and rehab. training for prison inmates, etc. Humans must strive to be compassionate caregivers, protectors and stewards of the planet and its beings. Helping not harming. To create an environment where all sentient beings are treated with compassion and respect. Never to die needlessly or cruelly. These vulnerable, innocent beings have the right to live “cruelty-free” in peace.

    • Linda Navarra YATTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 23 days ago

      This is absolutely barbaric in this day and age

    • Ochi Takanori IMABARI-SHI, JAPAN
      • 29 days ago

      It is an act never allowed.


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