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Ask the DC Council to fully fund the proposed $4 million Pathways to Adult Literacy Fund

    1. Petition by

      The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region

Over 64,000 DC residents lack a high school diploma or its equivalent. We must do more to help our neighbors improve their basic skills.

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    2. Academy of Hope and The Community Foundation Washington Post Op Ed

      Putting literacy at the head of the line in D.C.

      Darnetta Hollis, a mother of four, survived domestic violence and overcame homelessness to earn her high school diploma at age 29. One of 36 graduates from Academy of Hope's adult education program, Hollis told fellow students at their recent graduation: "We accomplished a goal that seemed at one time impossible.

    3. Reached 250 signatures
    4. DC Residents Share Views on Adult Literacy

      D.C. Residents Share Views On Adult Illiteracy

      As part of WAMU 88.5's adult education series, Yesterday's Dropouts, we talked to D.C. residents to get their thoughts on adult education and low literacy in the city. Video produced by Jared Angle Story: http://wamu.fm/13uCAHc

    5. WAMU Series Continues: High Price for Low Literacy

      High Price For Low Literacy

      At 13 years old, Claudine Edwards had a baby and dropped out of school. When she did, her dreams of becoming a nurse evaporated. Now she's 53 and has come to Academy of Hope, a nonprofit in southeast D.C., to ask about classes.

    6. Reached 50 signatures
    7. How well would you do on the GED? Take sample questions to find out.

      Would You Do Well On The GED Test?

      Take Our Survey! polldaddy.add( { type: 'iframe', auto: true, domain: 'wamu885.polldaddy.com/s/', id: 'sample-ged-test-questions' } );

    8. Changes To The GED Program - Kavitha Cardoza, WAMU

      Changes To The GED Program

      It's graduation day at Academy of Hope, an adult education center in Southeast D.C. Thirty-six smiling students in blue caps and gowns are celebrating. For them, the GED certificate is much more than just a piece of paper. It's a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment, and symbolizes success for the future.

    9. Reached 10 signatures
    10. Chief Cathy Lanier Shares the Story of Her Nontraditional Career Pathway

      What Made Me: DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier

      Comments (View) | Published April 3, 2013 The Setback: After becoming pregnant at age 14, I dropped out of high school. That could have been something I didn't recover from, but having my son is what has driven everything I've done for the 30 years that he has been alive.

    11. WAMU's Kavitha Cardoza Profiles Local Adult Learners

      Shadows Of An Unfinished Education

      Shirley Ashley flips through a folder of certificates she's received in her adult education class. She points to the words, but can't read what they say. "I know that's 'Shirley Ashley,'" she says. She stops at one that says 'top performer.' "I know this is 'top' something. That means I'm doing good."


    Reasons for signing

    • Lee Parker BOWIE, MD
      • about 1 year ago

      All individuals in the DC should have access to the supports and services needed to prosper.

    • Alexandra Rucker WASHINGTON, DC
      • about 1 year ago

      As a physician, it's important that the parents of my young patients understand the instructions that I give them. This will reduce bouncebacks to the emergency department, SAVING MONEY FOR THE CITY. As a community member without children, I'm interested in my young neighbors' educational achievement. This educational achievement is severely curtailed when one or more parents have limited literacy. Improving educational achievement among my young neighbors will prevent crime, incarceration and future government dependence, SAVING THE CITY MONEY. Improving adult literacy improves the self-esteem, employment and workplace productivity of my adult neighbors, which will prevent spending on mental health, unemployment compensation and lost productivity, SAVING THE CITY MONEY. Money spent on the front end almost always improves things on the back end. Approve this legislation without delay.

    • Marian Douglas-Ungaro WASHINGTON, DC
      • about 1 year ago

      A decent budget for adult education should have been endorsed long ago by DC City Council. DO THIS NOW.

    • Joy Panagides BETHESDA, MD
      • about 1 year ago

      My Presbyterian church in Bethesda has for years contributed voluteer teachers to support this vital program. It has done very important work but needs more secure support.

      Joy Panagides, Bethesda

    • Darralyn Gauvin GREENVILLE, ME
      • about 1 year ago

      I volunteer with adults who have low levels of literacy.


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