Animal rights and their welfare be introduced as a compulsory subject in Schools - Naresh Kadyan
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Animal rights and their welfare be introduced as a compulsory subject in Schools - Naresh Kadyan

    1. Abhishek Kadyan
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      Abhishek Kadyan

      Delhi, India

Kindly refer to the article 51 A(g) of the Constitution of India about fundamental duties of every citizen of India. The UN affiliated OIPA's Indian chapter and PFA haryana demanding that ANIMAL RIGHTS AND THEIR WELFARE should introduce and identify as new trade for vocational education.

India can lead this effort, giving other countries the template needed to improve their own animal suffering and abuse problems. Children who do not receive proper structure and a proper education regarding the suffering of other beings on this planet, are more likely to cause great harm to humans later in life. We cannot depend on parental figures to teach children respect for other living beings. We demand that a full course be taught in schools around the world, beginning at the nursery level, and for all home schooled children. Some people just don't know what constitutes abuse. Children need to be taught proper methods and the many reasons why we must treat animals with the kindness, respect, and liberties they are born with and deserve as fellow beings on this planet. The animals have rights, we have rights, we demand these rights here and now!

Naresh Kadyan,
Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection
- OIPA in India, Chairman, People for Animals Haryana,

पशुओं के प्रति क्रूरता निवारणःनियम अधिनियम और सूचनाएँ

नरेश कादयान, अध्यक्ष,पीपल्स फॉर एनिमल हरियाणा,
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    • Nirmala Krupanandh BENGALURU, KS
      • 4 months ago

      In the last 20 yrs or so, I have noticed a drastic decline in the sensitivity of humans towards their environment and all other living creatures. The present generation of parents is unable to create a sense of responsibility among their children towards Nature. I strongly feel schools can play an important part in passing on this vital knowledge to the kids so that they can make our world a beautiful place. It is time humans take time to see where they have gone wrong and accept changes that must be made in their attitude for the good of all living creatures.

    • yuva pillay MAURITIUS, MAURITIUS
      • 6 months ago


      • 6 months ago

      An excellent idea.

    • Michele Jankelow SANDTON, SOUTH AFRICA
      • 6 months ago


    • Divya Sharma INDIA
      • 6 months ago

      Because this will make us human.


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