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ACCC and Government - Australia: I hate credit card surcharges in Australia - do you?!! Lets get rid of them.

    1. Klaus Bartosch
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      Klaus Bartosch

      Gold Coast, Australia

In the past two years businesses, hotels, airlines, petrol stations, online businesses and many more are now charging credit card surcharges. Anything from 1% to 4.5%. This is just insane. Credit card companies have had merchant fees for decades. These have largely not changed, some have even gone down. It started with 2-3% charges on Amex and Diners cards, and now is being levied on all credit card transactions. So the price you think you are paying for a product is actually not the price anymore at all!! The discrimination of what percentage that is charged for different cards is another interest bias and form of hidden "influence".

I travel a lot, domestically in Australia and Internationally. Now even hotels in Australia are charging these levies for ANY credit card transaction. Who now pays for their hotel bill via cash?

Government need to step in and deal with this dark "plague", and additional cost. We are supposed to have a country where "price" is meant to be the "price" you pay. It is meant to be legislated. Yet here we are with credit card surcharges adding anything from 1% (more typically 2%) to 4.5% against your credit card for purchases. Even online companies are doing this which is just a rip-off.

Please join support to have this plague of charges stopped.

ACCC and Government - Australia
I am sick of credit card surcharges in Australia....are you too?!

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      Klaus Bartosch
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      Hi, I had to change the petition to drive the message more strongly but could not edit this one successful, so please will follow this link to the new one and add your support there as you had here? Thanks in advance.


      Caltex, Stamford Plaza, Intercontinental, Hilton, Cabcharge, Jetstar: End Credit Card Surcharges Now!

      In the past couple of years businesses, hotels, airlines, petrol stations, online businesses and many more are now charging credit card surcharges....

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