Mr. Land's "Kids Who Care" from Sun Valley School

Mr. Land's "Kids Who Care" from Sun Valley School

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We love the Crayola company, but we want them to establish a convenient take-back program for their plastic markers that kids can easily partake in. Specifically, we want used Crayola plastic markers to be recycled into new Crayola products that can be purchased again and again. We are looking for their leadership to empower kids to be “green.” We want Crayola to take the lead and show the world that they care about keeping plastics out of landfills, incinerators and oceans. When plastics are sent to landfill, or burned for electricity, or washed into oceans, they pollute Earth. Kids care deeply about protecting earth and they need Crayola's help. We want Crayola to “make their mark” and show us how much they care about our kids and their future. - - - Link to slideshow: (Plastic marker image courtesy of Thomas Hawk on Flickr)


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