K9 Rescue Bulgaria

K9 Rescue Bulgaria

Our vision: a world where dog welfare matters and cruelty has ended. K9 Rescue’s mission is to tackle cruelty to dogs in Eastern Europe with our work primarily in Bulgaria where we originated. We believe in empowering local independent rescuers and grass-roots charities by encouragement and development of their skills for self-sufficiency in animal welfare, with a focus on eliminating the future need of foreign NGO’s by creating the framework for better animal care, through animal welfare education of the public as well as through veterinary training. With your support, we campaign effectively to change the most intense and large-scale dog welfare issues. We bring about lasting change by: - helping people understand the critical importance of good dog welfare - encouraging nations to commit to animal-friendly practices - supporting the better treatment of animals through our vet training programme - supporting spay/neuter programmes for the humane management of stray dog populations



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