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HelpMe2Stop is a 501c3 charity that is a bridge connecting sufferers to holistic treatments so that no child, teen and young adult have to grow up feeling insecure, ostracized, alienated and judged for their appearance. Founded by a cosmetic hair restoration expert, who has been helping sufferers since 2004, through her experiences, discovered that there was very little help, decided to start a non-profit, Founder Charlene Blacer says; "Volunteering for American Cancer Society's Look Good Feel Better Program, I saw how there is help for these women, but nothing for Trichotillomania. These sufferers are normal like you and me." Blacer has helped hundreds of hair-pulling disorder sufferers and is working on recruiting and education more salons to include a Pull-Free salon hub throughout the US in project "Stop Pulling Hair Out Waiting For A Cure" campaign For more information and to donate visit To contact Charlene Blacer email Phone 570.213.0891 x22


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