ALDAW (Ancestral Land/Domain Watch)

ALDAW (Ancestral Land/Domain Watch)

Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

ALDAW key vision is to empowering indigenous communities to assert their rights while fostering their capacity of dealing on ‘equal grounds’ with external forces (corporations, enterprises, etc) as well as with other stakeholders (GO agencies, NGOs, research institutions, etc.). This vision is based on the awareness that the strength of a community depends not only on its capacity to retaining its traditional culture and ethnic pride but also on its ability to develop resilience and copying mechanisms which may enable people to adapt to and cope with all sort of new challenges. This entails that ‘culture’ is not static but – in order to survive – it needs to be innovated and combined with emerging technologies and techniques (photography, GPS, geotagging, participatory videos, etc.) which are essential advocacy tools for the protection of the ancestral land/domain. ALDAW mission is local (community-based) as well as national and international oriented. This is because local processes of empowerment and community advocacy efforts are always taken up to the national level, with the purpose of both expanding advocacy alliances and reaching out decision makers and government agencies. In addition to this, the partnership with international organizations and movements, especially in support of locally organized campaign – adds a global scope to the ALDAW mission.


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