How to Start an Online Petition

The basics of writing a petition that gets attention

Starting a petition isn’t as difficult as you might think. After launching thousands of petitions, we’ve put together a few tips to help you write a petition that produces real change:

  1. Start by Deciding What You Want to Accomplish

    Identify a goal that is achievable and specific. It’s impossible for a decision maker to “End World Hunger,” but they can take concrete steps towards that goal, such as increasing funding for a specific project in a specific foreign country that has been successful in alleviating hunger.

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  2. Identify the Right Target

    Target your petition at the decision maker that has the most influence over the problem you want to fix. If your issue relates to parking in your city center, your mayor or council is probably better than the President or Prime Minister. Better yet: try to identify the head of your town’s transit department.

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  3. Write a Focused Petition Letter to Your Target

    Write a petition letter that is short, succinct and authoritative. Busy decision makers don’t have time to read long letters and will be most responsive to well thought-out requests. So write a petition that is focused, specific and polite.

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  4. Post your Petition Online

    Creating an online petition will allow you to get the attention of activists around the world. Online petitions let you gather signatures quickly and easily without leaving your house. But, keep in mind that online readers are busy too. So, create a well-written title and description for your online petition page that will capture their attention.

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  5. Promote your Petition Through Social Networks and Online Communities

    Take advantage of online sharing tools to spread the word about your petition. Social networks, online communities and even email are powerful ways to connect with other concerned individuals all over the world.’s petition tools make it easy for you and your supporters to do just that.

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Ready to get going? Start a petition now!