Xavier University: Return the Conaton Learning Commons to 24/5 Hours of Operation

Xavier University: Return the Conaton Learning Commons to 24/5 Hours of Operation

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      Andrew Elluru

      Cincinnati, OH, OH

Dear Father Graham,

            Just under four years ago, I sealed an envelope containing a deposit check that would confirm my enrollment in the Xavier class of 2014.  My reasoning was simple: Xavier was an academically rigorous school with an excellent reputation and an outstanding mission.  I made the correct choice, and I cannot imagine going anywhere else.  These past three years I have grown as a person and as a student, being constantly challenged in my scholastic pursuit to complete a biology major along with chemistry and peace studies minors.  Earning a bachelor’s degree in science is difficult as is, but the added necessity to balance several non-major required classes really increased the educational ante.  This is not to complain; I firmly believe every class I have taken at Xavier has improved me as a person in some way, shape, or form.  But nonetheless, no course load at this University, regardless of the major, can be considered “light.”  The wonderful thing about this school, though, was that it provided ample study space for students attempting to prepare for major class milestones.  The Conaton Learning Commons was an invaluable resource for students who needed a quiet study space, regardless of the time or day.  That is why I was severely disappointed to find out that the University had made the decision over the summer to stray away from the 24/5 policy that has worked beautifully in the past.  The extreme reduction in library hours is incredibly stressful, burdensome, and inconsistent with the University’s academic mission.  A University that claims to be academically challenging but fails provide its students with enough resources to tackle those challenges is doing a disservice to its students and faculty.  As an upperclassman, I am fortunate enough to live off campus where I have my own room to study in.  However, freshmen and sophomores living in on-campus dorms will be especially affected by this new policy.  Freshmen who live in expanded occupancy rooms cannot be expected to effectively study in dorms with two other roommates present.  Any late-night group projects are simply out of the question.  There are currently more students on campus than at any other time in the University’s history and a further reduction in study space is absurd.  A claim made by the University was that the library needed to make $35,000 worth of budget cuts.  This was done by eliminating the late night work-study jobs available to students at the CLC.  The University stated that students would be better off finding off-campus jobs that pay more.  This statement entirely dismisses the issues of job flexibility and transportation that drew students to on-campus jobs in the first place.  Students who then have to move off campus for employment are forced to work odd hours; I myself typically work until 11 PM, returning to campus around 11:30 which allows me one and a half hours in the CLC before it closes.  The $35,000 in forced budget cuts also is questionable considering Xavier’s recent conference move from the Atlantic Ten to the New Big East.  It was unquestionably a milestone for the University and a huge step in the right direction.  However, while in the A10, the University’s TV deals brought in approximately $350,000 dollars a year.  The new estimated TV deal revenue for the Big East is between $2,000,000 and $3,000,000 a year.  Conservatively, Xavier is looking at a $1, 650,000 increase from television deals alone.  I am positive we will also see an increase in ticket revenue as well.  If none of this money is allocated to aid the majority of the student body study, Xavier’s message is clear: “Money and athletics come before the students and academics.”  I humbly ask that Xavier reallocates funds to return the Conaton Learning Commons to 24/5 hours of operation.  Our faculty contains some of the brightest business minds in the state and I know an intuitive solution can found. 

With best regards,

Andrew G. Elluru


Xavier University 2014


Students, faculty, and friends and family of both, please sign to show support of this simple petition.  As a student, I firmly believe that myself, as well as the entire Xavier student body, will benefit from a 24 hour study facility.  

Xavier University: Return the Conaton Learning Commons to 24/5 Hours of Operation

[Your name]

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    • Emily Drees CINCINNATI, OH
      • 9 months ago

      Late Night Studying

    • Emil Jackson CINCINNATI, OH
      • 10 months ago

      I study here

    • Sam Merritt NORWOOD, OH
      • 10 months ago

      Because I am a science major who is a junior who needs a place to study during the week. I currently live off campus and can't get as much work done at my house as I feel that I can get done in the CLC. I need a place to print. I need a place to work and feel a sense of a study environment that benefits my natural learning process. I also need a space that is not going to distract from my learning environment. The GSC is not an available option for me to study. The GSC is where you go to have fun, the GSC is where you go to get food, the GSC is where you go to engage in conversation with your friends. The GSC is not a place for a student to study.. I commend those students who study in the GSC. But I am not one of those students and by eliminating my study time in the CLC you're telling me that I can't study on campus.

    • Hannah Bertrand FLORENCE, MA
      • 10 months ago

      I need the CLC open 24/5 simply as a place where I feel comfortable studying no matter the time of day, or the amount of time I will be studying. I am currently in the CLC and have been for 10 hours by the time I am forced to leave. With 4 tests along with 2 quizzes, practice, and regular homework, I fail to see how students are expected to achieve a high Xavier academic standard without the resources to do so. Xavier students need a nice place to study, all times of the day.

    • Kelsey Minix CINCINNATI, OH
      • 10 months ago

      I live in manor so I do not even have access to study rooms. Being a biology major I have to study late nights all the time so because I do not have my own study rooms I am forced to leave the library at 1 and either go home to my roommate that is asleep in the dark or try to get into fenwick to use one of their study rooms. Even if I am able to get a study room in fenwick it is not the calm quiet atmosphere I had at the CLC last year..


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