We Want Equality for Our Kids!
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We Want Equality for Our Kids!

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      Special Needs Network

All children with autism deserve help - regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or zip code. 

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times - “the California State Department of Developmental Services last year spent an average of $11,723 per child on whites, compared with $11,063 on Asians, $7,634 on Latinos and $6,593 on blacks.” 

Autistic children who receive early intervention have a greater chance of being mainstreamed in school, integrated into their community, graduate from high school and live independently. 

Without early intervention, many children miss critical opportunities for development and will ultimately be forced into institutional care, which actually uses more state spending than early intervention services. 

Due to the striking disparities in how services are distributed, autistic children who come from racial minority or low-socioeconomic households are at a blatant disadvantage. 

Autism doesn't discriminate - so why does California?

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    • veronica wilson STRATFORD, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      Change A Life Time Co Inc is a minority owned small business in CT providing services to people with Autism and we are facing same kind of challenges

      with Department of Developmental Services. We too have launched petition on change.org. Best of luck.

    • Katherine Bennett SAN PEDRO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      How backwards it is that those most likely to need aid and likely to get the least of it.

    • Marcie Booth WINNETKA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      We need more support for our kids with autism because it shouldn't be based on race or medical issues or co-existing conditions. If they need treatments or therapies to get well and stay healthy, they should be to receive those.

    • Deborah Greenspan WINNETKA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      g for ways governmental policies and laws stand in the way of jobs and economic growth in a multitude of dovetailing systems, preventing the passage of this bill is it.

      Early intervention is best, but there is no early intervention without early detection and service providers, saving time and money exponentially to the government, as well as individuals who are working less, to care for underserved relatives.

      By passing this bill into law, we will be improving the lives of ready-to-learn children, raising consumer confidence now, supplying jobs in areas of demand, providing services in areas of need, and adding another generation of adults who can be taxpayers and independent productive citizens, providing for themselves while contributing to society's welfare, business, and revenue, thereby lifting up this economy.

      A "jobless recovery" is not real. Spending on debt does not strengthen the economy.

      Improving the economy now, while stimulating future economic growth in ways that also benefit society is a new economic theory paradigm that demonstrates valuing people, is progressive, and works: a win-win-win and something we can all “occupy”.

      This bill will improve commerce all around, and education will also benefit: K-12 learners will have a higher probability of success, and adult education will have purpose.

    • Artanzia Hosch STEVENSON RANCH, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      My son is autistic and much of his progress was realized as a result of an imbalanced application of benefits rampant in Regional application of program benefits and aids. I beleived my son was capable of much more than diapers until age 9 or beyond, much greater than sign language in an auditory environment, and much more than a categorical lumping in of parents who "believe" with the general phrase "you people..." when challenged on institutional currency of knowledge. Parents I challenge you to reclaim the dreams of your children--think outside the box. Should they have no voice, as mine once did, give them yours! I am living a harvest from seeds I planted in our low budget garden. You can do the same. If you need help...fight to attain it. Take classes, learn the law, skill yourselves, teach when your schools fail you, act when your benefits are vacuous. You cannot go wrong. Truly. I honor you for your journey. Your child will honor you for your efforts.


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