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Better represent and promote the hard working authors who use the website.
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Better represent and promote the hard working authors who use the website.

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      BekahEva McClintick

      United Kingdom

Dedicated writers who put time and effort into their work are being passed over for stories that lack correct grammar, have sub-par spelling and the absence of effort and originality with careless storylines. Not only does this represent Wattpad as a site poorly but degrades those who work tirelessly for little recognition.

While respecting that Wattpad is a site that is for everyone, it is only right that work that is well written, updated frequently and contains originality is recognised. That does not mean this campaign is seeking to isolate or undermine but rather to find a solution to what has become a tireless trend on this site. The encouragement of other's writing is something that is so wonderful about this site but the fact that undeserving work is being promoted and trolls are reaching the What's Hot list is no longer a joke.


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Better represent and promote the hard working authors who use the website.

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    • Ariel Bridges PITTSBURG, KS
      • 6 months ago

      I like fan fiction, and my best story is one as well, but things have been taken way too far for this to go on any longer! 1D is ok, but with how many fan fictions about them there are, and the lack of quality and experience, not to mention it drowns those who actually work out, drives some people insane! I work hard on my story and don't want people trampling all over me and leaving me in the dust! I've worked just as hard, if not harder on my stories than others have. I want that to be recognized! If not that, then at least appreciated and treated with respect!

    • Vijetha Ravi INDIA
      • 9 months ago

      Stories like 'Bananas' unrepute Wattpad

    • Kaity Zaelit WEST JORDAN, UT
      • over 1 year ago

      I feel that Wattpad has been taken over by mediocre work, which is okay maybe but I do believe that good work is falling behind and isn't recognized as easily. Things like the Watty Awards is a joke, really. It's a popularity contest and not a contest of how GOOD and well written the stories are. It should be though. I would just like to see people with original idea and good work to have a bit more, instead of the silly stuff that has taken over the whole site. The 'What's Hot' List should be for what's good, not just a poorly written 1D fan fiction that illeterate people seem to have written.

    • Niké Obijuru ATHENS, GA
      • over 1 year ago

      This is an important change that needs to be made. As a dedicated writer and avid reader, it's sad to struggle and find good quality stories on a sight that boasts having thousands; also, struggling to get your own story noticed is difficult when people such as myself have to shift through garbage upon garbage to find something worthwhile to read and take interest in.

      • over 1 year ago

      Because I myself have put so much effort into a story that isn't cliche at all and I don't think it's getting the recognition it deserves =/


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