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Washington State Legislature and House of Representatives.: Exempt breastfeeding and milk-expressing mothers from Jury duty.

    1. Laura Hathorn
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      Laura Hathorn

      Spokane, WA

In Washington State, you get one postponement from jury duty, and it must be served within 6 months of your original summon date.  If the local County governments are not held accountable, and are unwilling to make accomodations for breastfeeding mothers, why are we forcing them into jury duty?

After recieving a 6 month postponement, I myself was called to jury duty the week of February 19th, and on February 21st I was forced to pump expressed breast milk in a bathroom, which is illegal by federal law.  My daughter is only 5 months old, and is exclusivley breast fed.  The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until 12 months of age.

All of our bordering States have laws exempting breastfeeding mothers from Jury duty (Oregon and Idaho), as well as other progressive States such as California.  Why doesn't Washington State also have such laws regarding breastfeeding mothers and jury duty?


From La Leche League International:

  • Idaho, Kansas, Oregon and Nebraska provide that jury duty will be postponed until the mother is done nursing the child.
  • Oklahoma law states that a mother breastfeeding a "baby" shall be excused upon request.
  • Illinois and Virginia law provides that a mother nursing her "child" shall be excused up request.
  • Iowa excuses breastfeeding mothers who are not employed outside the home.
  • Nebraska requires a doctor's certification.
  • Mississippi provides that a breastfeeding mother may be excused as a juror.
  • Kentucky not only provides an exemption for breastfeeding mothers, but also those who are expressing breast milk.
  • California law provides that the jury duty summons must include a reference to the court rules providing an exemption for breastfeeding mothers for up to year.


Please sign this petition and share with friends and family.  Lets get legislation passed to exempt or give a longer posteponement to breastfeeding and pumping moms from Jury duty in Washington State.

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    • Ann Marie Long COLUMBIA, MO
      • 8 months ago

      Mothers are doing the Hard Work to honor the most basic Needs of their children while being governed by a system that does NOT support the reality of the Work involved. WE MUST change the system so that it is informed, flexible, and fully supportive of the humane needs of ALL People. This is one good step!

    • Stephanie Grochowicz SPOKANE, WA
      • 9 months ago

      I am an exclusively breastfeeding mom who has been summoned to jury duty. In doing so, I will have to wean my 4 month old son or break the law or be fined. It is absolutely ridiculous and a violation of my bodily and parental rights that I would no longer be able to feed my son the healthiest way possible and my milk production would suffer and be potentially dried up. I am offended and disturbed that the choice of producing and naturally feeding my son my milk is taken from me. Needless to say I feel violated as a woman and a mother, and potentially depriving my son of the sanctity, intimacy, and health of natural breastfeeding or break the law and potentially be fined..I am absolutely disgusted.

    • Shelly Rodgers VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
      • over 1 year ago

      I breastfed my daughter. I had a horrible time but I did it for over a year. It is exhausting time consuming, and like myself some women are unable to pump. Some women do a feed on demand as I also had to do. There would have been no way I could have done jury duty I couldn't do anything. My daughter would nurse for an hour take a 20 min break and nurse again! She had colic and did this until she was 6 months old! I hardly slept and I learned how to do everything with a child in a sling nursing! She did this night and day! Even if I would have been a juror on a case I was so tired I couldn't concentrate on anything that does not give the person being accused a fair trial! Nor is it fair to a nursing child to confuse them with a bottle! My daughter never took a bottle she refuses to! My child would not have eaten if I had been picked! I find that a nursing mother should be exempt from jury duty!

    • brittany rodgers VENUS, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      im pregnant now and thinking of breast feeding but am kinda feeling uncomfortable about pumping in public

    • Maranda Daly OIL CITY, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      i breast fed my son and always had trouble finding a place to nurse him. finally i just threw a shaw over us and i didnt care where we were! society doesnt accept it, but it doesnt give us a suitable place to nurse either!!


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