United States Government: Implement bipartisan policies to halt the advancement of climate change
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United States Government: Implement bipartisan policies to halt the advancement of climate change

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      Ariel Hamlin

      Medford, MA

While it does not pertain to videos of cats on skateboards, or the other 95% of the internet, it does pertain to the world in which we live in. Global climate change exists and is going to change our lives in a very fundamental way. (I won't try and convince you, that is what google is for.) But you've heard this all before, and yet most of us have done nothing except feel bad and then move on with our lives. I don't want fear or guilt to motivate you to sign this petition, I want it to be hope.

I would like to think from a place of hope, instead of place of fear. We have shown that the millions of the people who call the Internet home can start something, and start something big. We used the power of our voices to keep the Internet a free space, raise a retirement fund for a harassed bus monitor, and so many other things. So I challenge you, can we use those same voices to help save our world?

We are a generation of short attention spans so let's keep this simple. What can the average person do?

Be a voice, contact your local representative.

Cut down on energy use.

And spread the word, spread the hope! Talk to someone, gain some knowledge, share this petition. Show that a college student from Boston, a truck driver from Oregon, or a house wife from Florida can change the world!


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    • Anna Boynton IOWA CITY, IA
      • over 1 year ago

      This is the most important issue there is. Let's do this thing!


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