Remove Corrupted Current/Former SomaliaTFG from the upcoming election
  • Petitioned United Nations, Members of the EU, United States, Arab league and AU

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United Nations, Members of the EU, United States, Arab league and AU

Remove Corrupted Current/Former SomaliaTFG from the upcoming election

    1. Somali People
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      Somali People

      Washington, DC

United Nations, Members of the European Union, United States, Somali Diaspora worldwide, Arab league and African union
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Somali Transparency and CorrupFreeSomalia

We, the undersigned would like to raise our urgent concerns of the documented corruption allegations under Current/Former TFG have reached levels unheard of in previous administrations for Somalia. It alleged that around 70% of money intended for development and reconstruction in a country racked by 20 years of war was unaccounted for. The same officials have participated in contracting with Saracen International & SKA air & Logistics (These companies specialize in to looting the resources of poor African/Asian countries who are led by corrupt individuals with no integrity or regard for their people) We have seen outright corruption attempts time and time again! These contracts are so secretive they call them Somali Eyes only to be seen by a select few Somali people.

It is not the first time these officials have lied or even attempted to cover things up or misused TFG funds on false pretenses by holding meetings with donor countries and International organizations breaking all diplomatic corps protocols.

We live in dangerous times. We are watching the systematic dismantling of Somalia by piecemeal right before our own eyes. We must make the hard choices to either accept the situation for what it is or else make the effort to change things at any cost to salvage this democratic experiment before it falls into the hands of same corrupt president coup from within.

These choices will involve adhering to an absolute resolution to the spirit of the Somali people and an unwavering determination to remove ALL OBSTACLES from the proper functioning of a government that is Transparent and accountable to its people.

We petition the international community must remove Corrupted Current/Former TFG from the upcoming election before August, 20 immediately! Together with Current President, Speaker and Prime Minister.


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    • Abdirizak Ali TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Remove Corrupted TFG leaders.

      • almost 2 years ago

      I am signing this petition because I fully understand the consequence of corruption for society , especially the context of a least developed country. God Bless Somalia.

    • mohamed hassan TORINO, ITALY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I supporting what i read now,,,and i dont like the Corrupted Current/Former TFG so we don't wanna another time rajim team good luck

    • jamal h PELICAN RAPDS, MN
      • almost 2 years ago

      to united nation eurpean union and US.please don't suport those unaducated trible minded corrupted war loads to be our leaders again.there are a lot of better leaders in somali people.the somali people have right to exist like anybody else we don't need corrupted tugs again anyone found gilty must be on trail .thanks UN US AND EU

    • Ahmed Mohamud Yassin NORTH YORK, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am supporting this petition for same reason that has been written for.


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