UConn: Denounce Threats Against a Student and Make the Campus Safer for Everyone
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UConn: Denounce Threats Against a Student and Make the Campus Safer for Everyone

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      The Feminist Wire

Last Tuesday, The Feminist Wire published "An Open Letter to UConn President Susan Herbst," written by Carolyn Luby, a senior at the University of Connecticut. Since then, Luby has been threatened with rape, murder, and other forms of violence for courageously identifying concerns about UConn. Her letter was sincere and demonstrated a commitment to democratic dialogue. The backlash she has experienced has been met with silence by university administration and an intensification of online threats.

The site, Barstool Sports has reposted her letter, added misinformation, and has generated a slue gender based violent comments against her and her work— to the extreme of rape and death threats against her. A second site has been established dedicated to rape jokes against her.

She has also experienced derogatory comments directed at her while she has walked across campus, and she is now receiving hate email, including threats of rape and murder.  

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    Apr 26, 2013

    Stand w/ Carolyn Luby, #youngfems leader being threatened for writing on sexism. @UConn standup 4 Carolyn http://t.co/RSt6vAd2gl RT pls!

    Advocates For Youth


    Apr 26, 2013

    I signed, will u? MT @ShelbyKnox READ @thefeministwire's letter & SUGN petition asking @UConn 2protect their students http://t.co/yJABSOakNr

    Jennifer L. Pozner

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    • Kelly Moore JACKSONVILLE, OR
      • 5 months ago

      If UConn doesn't do something about this, the Dept. of Ed. should shut the school down. This is a grotesque violation of this student's rights.

    • evelyn gagnon herbert MONTREAL, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      I am a survivor of stalking sexual assault and abuse that carried over many years in my school with teachers staff and student faculty aware of the issue. These "people" had the audacity to blame me for a student and his friends who they knew had violent explosive tendencies towards animals and people, and was in the system for those tendencies -as well as mental related issues also.

      I did nothing to deserve these actions besides apparently being born in the wrong gender, and dressing like a girl my age would which is overalls and pink sweaters with cartoons on them, and hat I loved given to me by my big brother.

      In many peoples eyes "I had to do something to deserve his abuse", however in reality -his abuse was never questioned as wrong in the first place, but warranted by that very statement.

      I was almost put in a group home for reporting his abuse to his social workers, because in their words "he was just a good boy trying to get by" and I was just a "trouble marker trying to defame his good character and ruin his future".

      When the reality was -I was simply a girl , who was in his eyes a object he wanted to own (his words) in many sick ways. Equality and/or friendship wasn't a option for him, submission was the only one. Yet somehow in this story I was the bad guy, the evil villain for not doing this for him -as if not degrading my self was a Sin some how.

      I am signing this because I never ever want another youth, boy or girl, to live a life like I did in the past, with people who stick their head in the sand, people rather maintain a image, or an bigoted ideal, then deal with a serious crime or problem that in the future will affect everyone.

      No one would shame and humiliate someone who was almost murdered or robbed, so no one should shame a man or women who has been violated and in result internally murdered and robbed.

    • evelyn gagnon herbert MONTREAL, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      As a survivor of multipule attempted gang rapes in my school, I can empathize with just how disgusting society has become

    • Sara Euvino NAUGATUCK, CT
      • 8 months ago

      As a University of Connecticut Alumna, I am very disappointed and ashamed in my education. I thought that I was choosing a noteworthy university when I chose UConn. I have since learned that I chose a school that would be run by selfish people who are too blind to see what's happening directly in front of them. I am ashamed of the name and of the four years I spent living there.

    • Courtney Roelandts ST. PAUL, MN
      • 9 months ago

      As a graduate student in social work and a fellow college female, rape culture is something that is still incredibly archaic. People need to realize that this isn't okay, and administrators of universities absolutely need to be taking a stand to protect their students.


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