Protect sacred aboriginal burial grounds in the Kimberley
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Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
Tony Burke

Protect sacred aboriginal burial grounds in the Kimberley

    1. Teresa Roe
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      Teresa Roe

      Broome, Australia

The WA State government has given permission for Woodside's proposed gas plant to disturb ancient burial grounds in the dunes near James Price Point (Walmadany) without giving any rationale, and despite findings by a previous State Government that these sites must be protected for environmental and cultural heritage reasons.

Traditional owner, Teresa Roe says, “My spirit comes from this country. My sister was stolen by welfare so my parents hid me, so I could be raised on country with my culture.  I raised 9 of my own children and 8 of my sisters children after she passed away.  My sons are the law men for this country. They have the responsibility to protect it. They hold the songs, the stories.  Our ancestors are buried in those dunes. No one would allow a whitefella cemetery to be dug up so why here?

When Tony Burke sat down with us he looked me in the eye, and I told him “I kept my country alive… I don’t want anybody destroying it. I don’t want the money, I want the country and my spirit."

The state government has failed us.  We need Tony Burke to step in and act.”

More info here and here.

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    1. Reached 17,500 signatures
    2. 15 000 - and media calling on Burke to respond

      Teresa Roe
      Petition Organizer

      - The family is really happy with 15000 - we'd love you to keep sharing, but this is already a great result -

      Snippet from Media release today:
      Traditional owners of the controversial James Price Point Gas Hub site are calling on Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to respond immediately to an overwhelming call from the community asking the Minister to intervene and protect the listed burial grounds and sacred sites of Walmadany, James Price Point, which are set to be destroyed by Woodside’s exploratory works.

      Spokesperson for the Goolarabooloo family Errol Roe said, “Tony Burke must act now, and intervene to stop the destruction of ancient burial grounds and our culture. In only two weeks, over 15,000 people have signed my grandmother Teresa Roe’s petition on calling on Burke to intervene.”

    3. Reached 15,000 signatures
    4. 10 000 and counting!

      Teresa Roe
      Petition Organizer

      We hoped 5000 might sign this, we’ve got 10 000, and it is still going.
      Thanks to all you people across the world for standing with us. We don’t want country to die.

      I have my children, and my grand children and my great grandchildren all around me. I’m happy. I just don’t want them to destroy country. Country looks after us, gives us what we need. We need to keep it alive – for everyone – blackfella and whitefella… for all the people to come.

      Thank you for standing with us.
      Teresa Roe

      Have a look at photos in National Geographic from the Lurujarri trail we walk every year:

      Culture shared on the Lurujarri Heritage Trail

      Walk alongside the Goolarabooloo community on a journey that traces their 82km songline north of Broome, WA. Culture shared on the Lurujarri Heritage Trail LURUJARRI MEANS 'COASTAL DUNES' and it is pronounced "Looroo-jaree" with an emphasis on the first syllable.

    5. Reached 10,000 signatures
    6. We reached our first target!

      Teresa Roe
      Petition Organizer

      We reached 5000 signatures in a week, and the support keeps on coming. Next target 7500

    7. Reached 5,000 signatures



    Jan 21, 2013

    We need 4000+ signatures spread the word! Minister Burke needs to feel some heat to draw him into the debate #nogas

    John Butler Trio

    Reasons for signing

    • Andrei Belorunov OTTAWA, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      Sacred is sacred.

    • Esther Moore AUSTRALIA
      • 7 months ago

      It's my home country.....

      • 7 months ago

      It is important to me, not just from a cultural point of view, but my main concern is that bit by bit the planet is being destroyed by greedy corporations and what is worse, is that governments are complicit in helping these greedy corporations. I don't believe this is what Australians voted for. Time for change Australia - time for a GREEN government!

    • Theresa Scott CHAPEL HILL, AUSTRALIA
      • 7 months ago

      The protection of Aboriginal culture and sacred sites is imperative and should not be a political issue - but for God sake do something worthwhile for our traditional owners and for future generations to come.

    • ms shona wilson AUSTRALIA
      • 7 months ago

      its so short sighted


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