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Petition Update
24 Apr, 2014

Tim Hortons is listening to us. Keep up the pressure!

UPDATE: This past Friday morning (May 4th), Tim Hortons announced that they would commit to sourcing 10% of their eggs from enriched hen housing systems by the end of 2013, and that they would work with suppliers to phase out gestation crates. While this is encouraging; it is not even close to what my campaign is asking for. Tim Hortons needs to set a clear timeline for phasing out gestation crates, like some pork processors and hog producers have done (e.g. Smithfields, Hormel, Maple Leaf Farms have set definitive percentage targets and deadlines) . Also, committing to 10% of eggs from enriched hen housing systems - basically, slightly larger cages - is not the same as going cage free. We will continue urging Tim Hortons to make a more significant commitment, particularly towards sourcing CAGE-FREE eggs, in the lead up to the Annual General Meeting this Thursday May 10th in Toronto.

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