Apologize for using violence against women to sell products.
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Apologize for using violence against women to sell products.

    1. Marti McKenna
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      Marti McKenna

      Seattle, WA

The Standard Hotel and DuJour Media are using violence against women to market a product. As many women know first hand, violence against women is a serious issue, not advertising fodder. Join us in asking The Standard Hotels and DuJour Media to apologize and take steps to show they understand the issue.

UPDATE 8/29: We have rewritten the letter to focus on DuJour, as they have not yet responded. Please keep sharing this petition. See this post for further updates and information.

UPDATE 8/28: We've recieved a response from The Standard. Here are some thoughts and a request for input on next steps.

The image above is a crop from a full-page ad for The Standard Hotels in DuJour Magazine's summer issue. The ad contains no text: just a logo for the hotel and a caption identifiying the artist as Erwin Wurm. (Get more information or view the full-page ad). By using an image of a dead (or at the very least, unconscious) woman sprawled in an alley to advertise their hotel, The Standard is contributing to a culture of violence against women and trivializing something of vital importance: the experience of millions of women who are survivors of gender-based violence. 

Violence against women in the US is a “major public health concern” according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, and can result not only in physical injury or death, but for survivors it can mean lifelong psychological damage as well. Domestic or “intimate partner” violence affects 1.3 million women annually. Depending on the survey, one in four to one in six civilian women can expect to be raped in their lifetime. In the U.S. military, the likelihood rises to one in three.

Here are some additional facts about violence against women:

• Violence against women is a major public health concern, contributing to high levels of morbidity and mortality worldwide. (JAMA)

• Gender-based violence can result in physical illness, lifelong psychological disorders, substance abuse, and suicide. (CDC)

• One in four women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime. (CDC)

• Women are significantly more likely than men to be injured during an intimate partner assault (39 percent compared with 24.8 percent) (NIJ)

• Intimate partner homicides make up 40–50 percent of all murders of women in the United States. (NIJ)

We call on The Standard Hotels and DuJour Media to apologize for using violence against women to sell a product. We call on DuJour Media to review their advertising policy and make a commitment to take violence against women seriously.

Here are some specific things these companies should do to show they understand the issue:

1. Apologize: Women survivors of violence deserve an apology for your use of violence against women as a cheap marketing tactic.

2. Make a clear statement acknowledging the seriousness of the issue and a promise to do better by women in the future.

3. Make a donation to an organization that supports domestic violence or rape survivors.

Journal of the American Medical Association report: “Lifetime Prevalence of Gender-Based Violence in Women and the Relationship With Mental Disorders and Psychosocial Function” (http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1104177)
Center for Disease Control: “National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey” (http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs_report2010-a.pdf)
National Institute of Justice: “How Widespread Is Intimate Partner Violence?” (http://www.nij.gov/topics/crime/intimate-partner-violence/extent.htm)

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    2. The Standard Hotels Responds

      Marti McKenna
      Petition Organizer

      Today we received the following response from The Standard Hotels:

      "The Standard advertisement utilized an image series created by the contemporary artist, Erwin Wurm. We apologize to anyone who views this image as insensitive or promoting violence. No offense or harm was intended. The Standard has discontinued usage of this image."

      I'm extremely happy to have a response from the hotel in under 24 hours, and am glad to hear they will no longer use this image in their advertising campaigns.

      I'll have some additional commentary on this soon. Meanwhile, add a comment to your signature on this page or at http://makemeasammich.org/2013/08/26/the-standard-hotels-dujour-media-and-violence-against-women/ and let us know what you think. Are you satisfied with The Standard's apology?

    3. Decision-maker The Standard Hotel responds:

      The Standard Hotel

      The Standard advertisement utilized an image series created by the contemporary artist, Erwin Wurm. We apologize to anyone who views this image as insensitive or promoting violence. No offense or harm was intended. The Standard has

    4. Decision-maker The Standard Hotel responds:

      The Standard Hotel

      "The Standard advertisement utilized an image series created by the contemporary artist, Erwin Wurm. We apologize to anyone who views this image as insensitive or promoting violence. No offense or harm was intended. The Standard has disco...

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    Reasons for signing

      • 5 months ago

      To Whom It May Concern,

      I was the immediate supervisor for SPC Annzala Pitt at C.Co 225 BSB. In the time that SPC Pitt was part of my squad she encountered numerous difficulties which I believe were entirely due to being mistreated by her senior leadership. When SPC Pitt arrived at 225 BSB she had a medical situation that required attention prior to her deployment to Iraq. When she voiced her concerns to 1LT Riglick not only were her concerns dismissed but her private health information was erroneously released to multiple parties. SPC Pitt filed a complaint for the HIPPA violation against the offending party, 1LT Riglick. A few months later 1LT Riglick was assigned to C.Co as our Platoon Leader. This is undoubtedly the situation that caused SPC Pitt to be labeled as a problem soldier by C.Co leadership. SPC Pitt was not protected from reprisal and was treated badly for the duration of her time with C.Co 225 BSB.

      The result of filing her HIPPA complaint against 1LT Riglick was having a stigma placed on her by the very leadership that was supposed to be protecting her. She endured rumors, attacks on her character, and even attempts at discrediting her intellectual capacities. She was even accused of having inappropriate relationships with multiple senior Non-Commissioned Officers by our Platoon Leader 1LT Riglick. SPC Pitt continuously sought only to do her job as a mental health specialist and as her first line supervisor I pushed for her to be moved from the company to the Troop Medical Clinic. When SPC Pitt was sent to the Troop Medical Clinic to preform her duties as a mental health specialist C.Co leadership made sure to let the incoming social worker know what their impression of her was. SPC Pitt then worked with Major Ball, who had already been told she was a problem soldier, and was subsequently treated horribly to include having to undergo a mental health evaluation without provocation.

      SPC Pitt requested on numerous occasions to be moved from C.Co 225 BSB to another company, battalion, or division to get out from underneath the stigma placed on her. These requests were heard by our Company Commander, 1SG, Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Command Sergeant Major, and even Division Command team but nothing was done. Instead of helping the soldier 1LT Riglick and Major Ball ordered me to counsel her for their perceived insubordination. When I disagreed with these orders it was made clear that my military career was also in jeopardy. I was ordered by 1LT Riglick to counsel SPC Pitt for not properly using her chain of command to which, I informed the command that she had done exactly what procedures are outlined. The result of my not counseling her for this was to have my MEDPROS status changed to non-deployable by 1LT Riglick. This retaliation against me for defending SPC Pitt would have ended my career if I had not already been found deployable and fit for duty by the Medical Review Board in 2008.

      Despite her outburst which finally concluded her time in C.Co I would still recommend that she be retained by the United States Army. SPC Pitt endured being mistreated for months and still maintained a positive attitude. Her intellectual prowess combined with her willingness to work make her a viable asset. I believe that if SPC Pitt had been able to move to another command away from the toxic leadership of C.Co 225 BSB her military career would have flourished.

      SGT David Trapolsi

      I am contacting you to receive your assistance in eradicating US Army toxic leaders. I need your assistance in educating all commanders and SJA's, Judges about this matter. Many leaders hide or destroy the fact they were abusive towards a soldier and just have them court martialed. Many soldiers that are court martialed requested assistance via IG and other leaders but it was not received.

      My case is currently in the appeals process; however I need your support in having my case re-heard or complelty dismissed. Please read my petiton on CHANGE.ORG (Eradicate US Army Toxic Leadership) and send a letter to my attorney of support. If you wish to speak to me directly please call 803-477-7687.

      Attorney information:


      MAJ, JA

      Chief, Branch 1

      U.S. Army Defense Appellate Division

      Phone: 703.693.0652/ DSN 223.0652

      Email: amy.e.nieman2.mil@mail.mil

      I've started the petition "Barack Obama and Aaron Schock and U.S. Senate: Eradicate US Army Toxic Leadership" and need your help to get it off the ground. Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:


    • Joakim Van Mahn SANDEFJORD, NORWAY
      • 5 months ago

      One day I will have a wife, maybe a daughter or niece. They need to know that I am here to protect them.

    • Nicola Hall NEWPORT NEWS, VA
      • 8 months ago

      Because social media should act responsibly and not exploit women to promote themselves.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 9 months ago

      We must stand firm together for a better world and fight peacefully for it!

      "It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where we are today, but we have just begun. Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today."

      Barack Obama

    • Anu Ramanathan BRADDOCK, OR
      • 10 months ago

      Because violence, especially against women and children, is epidemic worldwide, and should not be used as click-bait - or as eye-catcher in print form. This ad should never have been accepted for publication by DuJour. And the Standard Hotels themselves should never have submitted this hugely harmful and hurtful advertisement in the first place. I will never ever stay at any Standard Hotels chain hotel, and DuJour will never have my support. EVER.


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