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The Queensland Govt.

To allow Redcliffe City to due amalgamate

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      Save RedcliffeCity

The ratepayers of Redcliffe are entitled to their democratic right to have their submission heard in the parliament as their elected member does not represent them any longer as he has investigations being undertaken regarding his honesty. Scott Driscoll did not present our original submission & by the time the 'Save Redcliffe City' were able to submit another submission the time had expired &the Govt. is refusing us the opportunity. We are paying approx. $500 pa more for water than Brisbane,& the costs under this huge council which has been forced upon us is escalating all the time.We want Redcliffe City Council returned to us.

The Queensland Govt.
To allow Redcliffe City to due amalgamate

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    • rino parrella AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      our council is to large, and I believe a redcliffe council can do a better job.

      • about 1 year ago

      The ratepayers of Redcliffe have a democratic right to have the option to deamalgamate with over half of the city requesting this. Cambell Newman it was your choice to make Scott Driscoll a minister yet when you discovered his receipt you got rid of him but not prepared to rectify his mistakes you are responsible for his actions in not submitting our petition we are asking that you accept our petition which more than satisfies your requirements for consideration. We are entitled to representation & this is our democratic right in Australia.


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