The NCAA: Allow My Son, Adrian Sullivan, To Play His Final Year of College Football
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The NCAA: Allow My Son, Adrian Sullivan, To Play His Final Year of College Football

    1. Sheila Sullivan
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      Sheila Sullivan

      Charleston, SC

Adrian is my son. The 2012 football season would have been his last season at Coastal Carolina University.

On 8/10/2012 he suffered a season ending injury. He fractured his femur in 3 places and tore all of the ligaments in his ankle requiring surgery with placement of screws and a plate in his ankle. He was in a cast and on crutches until October, and in a special boot for one month after the cast was removed. During this time he continued to attend class and keep his grades up. His rehab has been delayed because one of the incisions was slow in healing.

In January 2013 we applied to the NCAA for an extra year of eligibility, so that Adrian could play another season of football, and were denied. We appealed the decision to the NCAA Student Athlete Committee on Reinstatement and again were denied. We were denied because Adrian's situation does not fit the NCAA bylaw 14.2.1, which says a student must have 2 years of hardship beyond their control to be granted the type of extra year Adrian would need to play another season.

During my research I have discovered that numerous exceptions to this rule have been made over the years. The case I found most similar to Adrian's is the case of an LSU football player who suffered a season ending injury during fall camp in 2011. In 2012 he applied to and was granted an extra year. Why was this player granted an extra year and Adrian was not, when their situations were the same? Was it because he plays for a SEC school that generates a large amount of revenue and Adrian plays for a small Big South FCS school that generates small amounts of revenue? If the NCAA is going to set a precedent by granting additional eligibility to one player, then they should be fair and grant it to all players in that situation.

The NCAA has a history of bias and discrimination when it comes to application of rules. Tell the NCAA to be fair and let Adrian recoup his senior season as they did for the LSU player. Adrian has not played 4 full years; he has only played 3. Tell the NCAA to be fair by signing my petition.

The NCAA, Dr. Mark Emmert President of the NCAA
Jennifer Henderson, Director of Student Athlete Reinstatement
Grant Adrian Sullivan a 6th year of eligibility to play college football as you have other SA's who did not meet the 2 year hardship criteria. This bylaw needs to be revisited. Why would you want to require a SA to have 2 years of hardship. One redshirt and one medical redshirt seems more reasonable. Stop allowing the large institutions to manipulate the system. Treat all SA's fair.

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    1. THANKS!!!

      Sheila Sullivan
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to everyone who signed my petition. After much research and work the NCAA finally agreed to grant Adrian his 6th year. He continues to rehab and we are asking for prayers that he will get back to pre injury form by fall camp!!!

    2. Thanks

      Sheila Sullivan
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks everyone who has signed my petition. Please continue to share. The NCAA is a powerful organization and it will take many people expressing discontent to get their attention. If anyone knows of any other NCAA unfair treatment of student athletes pleas share.

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