NZ’s once quiet, safe country roads have become too risky for horse riders, dealing with speeding motorists and increased traffic. Riders are experiencing too many “near misses” from careless, dangerous drivers.

We get regular reports of horses being hit and badly injured by vehicles, and many had to be destroyed. Far too many riders have had to jump for their lives. There have been two recent cases of hit-and run accidents involving horses - an Auckland girl had to have her horse put down recently. Luckily she wasn’t badly injured, but some riders, including children, are less lucky and have been hospitalised. Some have been permanently disabled.


Millions of dollars of taxes and rates money has been invested in developing trails for pedestrians and cyclists ONLY. We need to act now to protect the rights of horse riders - as they are in Australia, Britain and the USA.

Motorists need to be warned they are sharing the road corridor with horses. They also need to be educated about travelling at a safe speed so they can slow down or stop quickly when necessary.

THE NZ HORSE PETITION has already been signed manually by more than 15,000 supporters.
Now we need more electronic signatures to back up the petition which is now at Parliament before the Select Committee for review. We are currently looking for approval for the petition to be presented at Parliament for debate. Do you know of any MP's you can lobby for support of this petition ?

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Do this now to protect the future rights of horse lovers nationally and internationally.

To Include Horses In All Road Planning

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    1. Locals join forces here - see NZ Horse Petition page for support!

      Jill Russell PUKEATUA, NEW ZEALAND 2 months ago
      I train,breed and sell horses. Young freshly broken horses need to be ridden for several hours at a time over different country to get them used to different scenarios. I used to ride on the roads around home but these are now too dangerous as traffic especially trucks dont slow down. Riders need somewhere to go that is safe. NZ riders were reknown for their riding skills over open country but we are losing this as more riders are having to ride in arenas. This does not develop good riding skills nor do the horses get used to different situations, so horses are more likely to react when taken out.
      As a teenager I rode my horse regularly in weekends for 3-5 hours on trails away from traffic & I desperately miss this now.
      For both safety and the ongoing development of good riders for equestrian sport especially eventing in NZ we need to have trails opened up for riders.
      If you wish to discuss this further I would appreciate

    2. Recent comments June '14

      • Tania Dickson RODNEY,NORTH AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND 7 days ago
      Lack of riding areas with urban growth, combined with roads not proving any safe verges to provide safe distances for all road users. Drivers are ment to slow and give wide berth according to the road code, however very few drivers now know this or slow and give room for safe passage roadside traffic,(horse, pedestrian or cycle!)
      • Julia webber KAITAIA, NEW ZEALAND 7 days ago
      because my daughter was hit by a ute while riding her horse
      • paige jones KERIKERI, NEW ZEALAND 8 days ago
      because I do a lot of road riding and have almost been hit several times
      • J M OAMARU, NEW ZEALAND 17 days ago
      had to many close calls and one contact incdent

    3. Recent comments June '14

      Helen Winterbottom AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND 21 minutes ago Liked 1
      Having ridden horses on the beaches, roads & farmland for over 35 years, it is a very noticable problem that these opportunities are not there for my own daughter and others today. Near misses and speeding cars and trucks make this enjoyable pastime very scary and dangerous!!!
      • Joanne Van Dissen LOWER HUTT, NEW ZEALAND 2 days ago
      Absolute danger in riding on roads. Recreational areas horses can be taken are decreasing, even though there is a huge demand for safe places to ride. Instead the tracks once used are being given over to mountain biking. In our increasingly urbanised population I dont think it should be forgotten either that NZ was built on the back of a horse, along with the sheepdog, and that many of us would still like to be able to keep in touch with our roots by being able to ride horses through back country areas.

    4. 13 June 2014 Update

      Our 17,000 signee supported petition is currently sitting with the NZ Transport Agency's Select Committee at Parliament for their decision as to whether or not it goes to parliament for debate. This followed Jan Mossman's Oral Submission before the Select Committee at Parliament May '14.

      Media related material -

      1. NZ Herald, Nov 3, 2013
      Shelley Bridgeman: Sharing the road with horses (attracted about 60 comments to date).
      : Http://

      2. TV3 Campbell Live, Nov 4, 2013 [ 8 mins running time ]

      3. TV Central (Central North Island). Interviews with Jan Mossman, broadcast in two segments, 22 Oct 2013 and 25 Oct 2013. Screened in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. To access,


    5. Reached 2,000 signatures
    6. Check out Page 22 of the Southern Rural Life Newspaper.

      A big write up and photos urging caution with horses and vehicles. Taken from the Taieri Times.

    7. Update TV3 segment isnt cut yet

      We are looking for Thurs / Friday this week for airing. We will advise as soon as we know.
      Our campaign for safe recreational riding trails is looking for capable ambassadors who have some time to offer for voluntary work to step this campaign up and go forward.

    8. We are in the NEWS again

      See NOV ISSUE of HORSE & PONY p19 at the end of the article Road Drill p16

    9. Hea

      PLS LOG IN AND LIKE OR UNLIKE THE COMMENTS AND ADD YOURS. Can you all Twitter it ??? [ Beyond my limited skills ]
      re your latest development here.

    10. Just read this comment 6.30 p.m Fri 27 Sept '13 - our sympathies go out

      Sue Coleman AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND · 1 day ago

      A 15 year old girl just got hit in our area whilst riding her horse on the road. Perhaps if there was better access to horse-safe riding this might not have happened. The girl was OK but the horse had to be destroyed.

      Note to Sue - NZ Horse Petition would like to speak with you can you pls message us on Fb ??

    11. Reached 1,500 signatures
    12. More Comments

      234. Fiona Pitcaithly Nelson, New Zealand 2013-09-12 I live on a busy 100k zone in the country on the Moutere Highway,
      When I ride out from home I have to cross a bridge. I have drivers speeding past me and trying to over take me and my horse on the bridge.I have been abused by drivers for making them stop and wait 2 minutes while I cross the bridge.
      I ask people nicely to slowly down and get abused or they don't listen.
      I do not have many trail rides in this area for me and why should I have to float my horse for a ride 5 mins up the road from me.
      More input needs into educating the driver in how to behave around horses on the road...its in the road code...
      are your latest development here.
      148. Toni Vickers Waipukurau, New Zealand 2013-09-11 Because I have always ridden on roads, and feel now that it is not safe. The
      Traffic have no respect for the Horses and Horse Riders. I ride with a long alkatheine pipe and have hit passing cars that have come to close to me and my horse.

    13. More commentsJoanne Van Dissen LOWER HUTT, NEW ZEALAND 2 days ago Like 0

      191. Sue Rudler Kaukapakapa, New Zealand 2013-09-12 Had a bad accident with a 4wd scarring my horse & ended up with multiple
      pelvic fractures - lucky to be alive. We need safe places to ride!are your latest development here.
      229 Cathie Brocas Hamilton, New Zealand 2013-09-12 Because I ride on the roads even though there are scary moments everytime I
      go out on the road. I have nowhere else to ride as I don't own lots of land. Please make it safer.
      233. Deborah Bensley Auckland, New Zealand 2013-09-12 I grew up riding around the local country roads, I have gone on to represent
      New Zealand in Dressage. I now have my daughter who is 4 riding with me and it is unsafe for her to ride around the country roads as I did. I would love that the next generation could enjoy the outdoors as much as I did which includes road riding.
      244. Megan Fisher Christchurch, New Zealand 2013-09-12 I rode ride regularly and am finding it's getting so dangerous. Drivers won't slow
      down even when you signal to the

    14. Here are comments which particulary have caught our eye at this stage -

      132. Nicole Munro Masterton, New Zealand 2013-09-11 When I was 12, I was hit by a car riding my pony. The driver did not give me enough space when passing, and when my pony shied he hit us, almost driving over my head as I fell on the road. Horses are not bikes - they have a mind of
      their own and will react to things that frighten them. Safer roadside riding spaces for us will mean the cars can't get that close.

      134. Emily King Auckland, New Zealand 2013-09-11 Because i ride on the road and there are so many idiots who deliberately
      accelerate when they see a horse or beep their horn or pass to close or scream abuse out the window and it's not safe. Especially as there are also children who ride in the same area.

      160. Jacqi Thornborrow Wellsford, New Zealand 2013-09-11 I have had a friend have a horrid accident with her horse on a so called quiet
      road, I have nearly died from idiots on the road too. We have a right to be safe

    15. Comments which caught our eye -

      #'s 86 132 134 160 191 229 233 234 244 and 148 Loads more of fantastic comments and all great for the archive and to share and present!! Keep it going for the sake of the horse and rider!!

    16. Only another 176 sigs to make 1,000!!! Get those comrades in the saddle!!

      We are now reviewing posts and here's one which particulary caught our attention -
      #86. Dianne Wright Auckland, New Zealand 2013-09-11
      I own horses and road ride. My horse and I Have been hit by a car on a road because the driver decided to try and go past me on the wrong side of the road.
      The young driver wasnt charged with the appropriate charges especially
      seeing I fell off the horse and was hurt and he failed to stop. taking off and taking over 2 weeks nearly to front up to the police station to own up to it.
      Horses are covered in the road code!
      So why do people get away with deliberately making them spook?

    17. Reached 750 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 7 days ago

      Rider, instructor at pony club. Gradually loosing access to farmland leaving only roads and forestry and many tracks there are becoming overgrown with gorse.

    • lynne oldfield WAIKANAE, NEW ZEALAND
      • 14 days ago

      I see near misses on our street often. It's a supposedly quiet, rural road?!

      • 16 days ago

      Safety is paramount for everyone

    • denise mcilroy WHANGANUI, NEW ZEALAND
      • 18 days ago

      my reason for signing this petition is because I too have had some close incounters with passing motorists speeding past without a care in the world even when signaled to slow down and including ignorant drivers deliberately honking ther car horns while passing at speed to give your horse a fright. Its becoming a dangerous situation for horse and rider and other road users. Something desperately needs to change nationally and internationally before someone else gets seriouly injured or killed, and it shouldnt have to get to that before something is done about it. Change the law and then broadcast it on the news so the public get the message! Horse riders can take registration plate numbers and hand it into the police for instant fine and loss of demerit points. If caught twice, loss of licence for dangerous driving and intentionally causing injury to horse and rider and other public rd users!!!!

      • 19 days ago

      I have two young children who ride my pony and would like more safer options to ride than just in an arena, we have a lovely country road but it is to busy with subdivisions going in to safely negotiate the roads.


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