Make Cycle Helmets a legal requirement for UK cyclists
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The Department for Transport; UK Government

Make Cycle Helmets a legal requirement for UK cyclists

    1. Thomas Ratcliffe
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      Thomas Ratcliffe

      Newport, United Kingdom

On April 23rd my life was nearly ended. All by a driver who did not look where he was going. The accident was not my fault. I was being a safe cyclist.
Cycle helmets in this country as it stands are not a legal requirement. They are listed in the Highway Code as a "should" and not a BOLD "MUST".
This means there is no requirement of cyclists to wear one.
Unfortunately this is not sensible. The government expects us to use the roads, as it says we shouldn’t use footpaths that have no cycle lanes.
Yet even though we are to cycle on the road, we are treated as a pedestrian and no safety law for our head is not enforced.

During my accident I was fortunate that my helmet took all the damage. It gained 4 clean cracks and 2 large dents. That could have been my skull. I suffered whiplash the day after, so I know it was significant.
I have heard to many stories all saying the same thing, my helmet saved my life.
It doesn’t matter how safe you cycle. All it takes is one driver of a vehicle to rush around and then that will be the end of your life.
I nearly died, it wasn’t my fault. Thankfully my helmet saved my life.
Please sign this petition, to make the government make our roads safer.

The Department for Transport; UK Government
Make Cycle Helmets a legal requirement for UK cyclists

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      Thomas Ratcliffe
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to everyone so far for signing this petition. To see it happen I ask if we can all share it on a weekly basis. If we share it the chances of more signatures will grow!
      I received an inbox saying my petition has been sponsored, although I do not know who by.
      Which is great! So thank you to who ever you are! :-)
      many thanks for your support :-)

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      • 6 months ago

      I got run over while riding my bike when I was 15 and was not wearing a helmet. I cracked my skull and didn't come round for two days. I had memory problems afterwards and lost the sense of taste; as well as having spinal damage and couldn't walk properly for months. If wearing a helmet was a legal requirement, I would have worn one. I didn't think they were fashionable and I wasn't too bothered because those sorts of accidents 'never happen to me'. A cousin of mine was then killed a few years later when a lorry driver hit him while cycling. He was wearing a helmet but it highlights the importance of being as safe as possible when riding a bike because accidents do happen to us and to people we know.

    • Ruchita Sarvaiya LUTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 7 months ago

      AS a cyclist myself, I use cycle paths, lanes na road whilst following the WEAR A HELMET and NO EARPHONES rule. At night, I use a fluorescent jacket, bike lights and follow the Highway code for cyclists. I have had a few nasty car drivers lunge into the road, ignoringthe possibility that there might be a cyclist on the far left of the road they are recklessly turning in towards. These "near miss'es are a reminder of how unaware Car drivers can be, of us Cyclists- We need to change this culture of ignorance and indifference by being olerant to other road users.

      • 8 months ago

      I have a head injury and attend a clinic for other suffers. I also see too many people who have nearly died and suffered serious permanent brain injuries due to cycle crashes where they have not worn a cycle helmet. My young nephew is a very competent cyclist and does many long rides for charity, always wearing a helmet. However, when he does short rides he often doesn't use a helmet, saying he doesn't need it. Accidents happen in a flash, in a matter of yards and, as this cyclist says, they are usually the fault of the motorist. Please make it law for all cyclists to wear helmets on ALL journeys, long or short.

    • Chantal Lewis OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 months ago

      My dad was killed when he was knocked off his bicycle whilst not wearing a helmet.

    • robbie payne EARBY, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      on the 2nd of september 2012 i was on a bike ride with my dad going to rugby and iwe was going down a hill at 40mph trying to beat my speed on my speedometer. Anyway i sloright down to about 20-25 mph and i lost control of my road bike i could not do anything and hit a wall and scraped my left side of my boady. I was knocked out. i was rushed to hospital (it was 10 minutes away if it was any longer then i would of been in an air ambulance .) i got to hospital and i found out that i fractured 2 vertibrates discaated my shoulder and wrecked my face. i had lots of scans on my head the doctors say that my helmet saved my life and i agree . A helmet is a simple thing that can save your life, its just like a seat belt if thats a law why is this not i hope this going to a law.


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