Make the RSPCA answerable for their actions to an independent higher body
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Make the RSPCA answerable for their actions to an independent higher body

    1. Francis Assisi-Charlton
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      Francis Assisi-Charlton

      Swansea, United Kingdom

The RSPCA euthanized 53,183 animals in 2011.

The RSPCA are currently not answerable to anyone, they follow no written criteria (available to the public) with regards to upholding animal cruelty legislation and seizures of animals.

This needs to be changed and their procedures made available to the public and easily understandable. Where there is public interest in a case a statement should be issued within 48 hours of any such seizure by the RSPCA and updates provided regularly concerning the welfare of the animal(s).

There is currently no way to appeal any decision made by the RSPCA after seizure, their word is final, This needs to be changed and an appeal's process set in place.

No animal seized by the RSPCA should be euthanized without the due process of a second opinion from a veterinarian with specialised qualifications in that particular field. The animal(s) should be physically seen by the second veterinarian.

If it is decided by both veterinarians (one a specialist in that field of animals) that the animal(s) should be euthanized then the owner must be informed of that decision and have the right to appeal that decision before any action is taken by either the veterinarian or the RSPCA.

Proof of ownership MUST be sought in all cases where animals are seized and where there is any possibility of that animal being euthanized, this must be provided by the owner in the form of a vet bill or purchase receipt of the animal or other legal document pertaining to the ownership of the said animal(s). The owner of the animal must be kept informed at all times during the investigation concerning the welfare of their animal(s).

No animal should be euthanized if it has been offered a good home by either another responsible individual or a charitable organisation with a particular interest and knowledge in that field.

Every option must be explored to find that animal a good secure home.

There needs to be a higher independent authority that people can complain to regarding the actions of the RSPCA. One which has the power to question them and override their decisions.

All veterinarians involved in any cruelty cases brought by the RSPCA must also be accountable for their actions to the same individual higher body (aside from the RCVS).

The British Government
Make the RSPCA answerable for their actions to an independent higher body

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      • about 1 month ago

      They must answer to a higher authority of some sort, or they will dictate their own rules without any fear of prosecution.

    • james moore WAREHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      the rspca need to be made accountable for there actions, just like anyone else.

    • Chris O donnell SETTLE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      I have these stories told to me many times a year, everyone should be answerable for their actions

    • martin hoole BEDFORD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      Rspca have become focused on political issues rather than animal wellfare\cruelty issues

      • about 1 month ago

      because they make so many cock ups


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