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Cease the 100% increase rate for non-practicing BC teachers

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      Nevin Blumer

A teacher cannot find work unless he/she is certified as a teacher and the process requires many arduous steps. Unemployed teachers in BC Canada looking for teaching positions in the public education field rate must now pay a 100% increase from 60/yr to 120/yr just to keep them certified to teach in BC. Previously they paid 1/2 the rate (60/yr) as non-practicing teachers. When the Ministry of Education decided to dissolve the BC College of Teachers Association that grants certification, the government it arbitrarily decided to lump non-practicing teachers with practicing teachers. There is no justification for this increase and it means that those teachers looking for work but unable to yet get a placement must pay the same rate as working teachers. It is unfair and penalizes the unemployed. The BC government has been actively at war with working teachers (they are currently on strike becasue the governmentt wants to give them no increase) and now it would seem they are happy to gouge the unemployed teachers as well even though there is no increase in service.

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