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Oppose HB 1161

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Opposing HB 1161 and to ensure that only  trained/educated/licensed Orthotists continue to treat our children, parents, family members and friends in line with existing law. The verbiage in the proposal refers to "Certain Person" who are not identified and would certainly be unregulated. There is no definition of "Certain Person" in this bill. The bill also states under the supervision of a Physician which we all know will not happen and can not be monitored. Physicians are trained in diagnosing and treating disease not bio mechanics and the fitting of orthotic devices. All this does is allow Physicians and Certain Vendors direct access to bill for services provided by unqualified individuals and without accountability or adherence to the current supplier standards. It also will escalate the opportunity for Fraud and Abuse of the payment sources. The proposal also undermines existing law that protects patients from unqualified certain persons from treating them with orthotic services. We do not want "CERTAIN PERSONS" providing medical care to residents of Texas. We want educated, trained and licensed persons treating us and our loved ones. Currently, within our state the requirements to be a licensed Orthotist require a College Degree, a 1900 hour residency and exams before being issue a license in our state. Lowering the standards to "Certain Persons" lower the care available to you the citizens of Texas. The bill was authored by Senator Deuell who is also a Physican...Just because a Doctor can write a RX for a device does not mean they are qualified to supervise the fitting. The "Certain Person" we want fitting Orthotics in the state of Texas is a TEXAS STATE LICENSED ORTHOTIST.

Texas House Representatives
Snapper, For TAOP Petition for Opposition HB 1161
We, by the following E signatures Oppose HB 1161. This bill is reckless and undermines current laws in our state that have existed since 1999 that protect our citizens from "Certain Person" practicing orthotics with no training or indicated supervision. Not only does this endanger patients it opens the door for increased fraud and abuse of payment sources.Please VOTE NO to HB 1161now!

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    • stacy phillips YORKTOWN, IN
      • about 1 year ago

      Like duh!! Ask yourself if you'd allow this to happen to you or your family!

    • Rachel Friddle Johnson HONEA PATH, SC
      • about 1 year ago

      As a certified Orthotist I beleive it is imperative to our profession and protection of the patient to regulate the providers to ensure they are qualified.

    • Steve Galluzzo CLIVE, IA
      • about 1 year ago

      If will affect my profession negatively in IA

    • rinku shah MCALLEN, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      I as an Orthotist value my education and trainning. I expect people also value my work same way.

    • Ted Friedmann GRIMES, IA
      • about 1 year ago

      I currently work in the field of orthotics, and have worn a custom brace for over 30 years, I have had many experiences with good bracing and poor bracing, and believe that any legislation that reduces the level of care provided to patients will benefit no one


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