Tell South Newton Township killing feral cats is NOT acceptable!
  • Petitioned David Durff, Glenn Keefer and Leroy Bowermaster

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South Newton Township Supervisors
David Durff, Glenn Keefer and Leroy Bowermaster

Tell South Newton Township killing feral cats is NOT acceptable!

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August 2013


When Hand4Paws heard that South Newton Township planned to trap and euthanize the feral cats there, a petition was written asking for an alternative method to save the cats. As people signed the petition, emails were sent to the town supervisors asking them to work with cat advocacy groups instead of killing the cats. The township set up a meeting on August 20, 2013 to discuss the feral cats. As a result of public outrage, township supervisors voted down the plan to euthanize the cats. The plan now is to TNR and vaccinate the cats.

On September 7th and 8th, 2013, officials in South Newton Township, PA plan to bait, trap, then euthanize the feral cats in their town.

Their plan was put into place after a young child was attacked by a cat that was rabid. The child is fine, but the township’s drastic action against all feral cats is not. Even if the feral cats they trap do not have rabies, they still will be killed.

If pet cats are outside on those days, they may be rounded up and killed, too.

Cat advocate group Alley Cat Allies has stepped up to help the South Newton Township feral cats. They sent a letter to the township’s supervisors, (who are also the targets of this petition). Alley Cat Allies offered to provide a free rabies vaccination clinic for South Newton Township animals, if the township’s leaders would retract their proposal to trap and kill the cats.

Their letter recommends using the best approach on the feral cats, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), where feral cats are vaccinated against rabies, spayed or neutered, then returned to their colonies to live peacefully and in good health. Killing the cats will not protect the public from the threat of rabies.  And according to the CDC, there hasn't been a single confirmed case of cat-to-human rabies transmission in nearly 40 years.

Please sign this petition, to let the township supervisors know that you are against killing feral cats, and that they should work with Alley Cat Allies to save the cats.

We have so little time - only a few weeks - to gather as many signatures as possible before sending the petition to the target. And the cats there may have so little time left. Please share this petition.

Read more information on this story and about Alley Cat Allies:

Photo coutesy of Alley Cat Allies

This petition will be updated as more information becomes available; however, the intent will remain the same. Please see updates under "News" section below.

David Durff, Glenn Keefer and Leroy Bowermaster, South Newton Township Supervisors
We, the undersigned, request that South Newton Township's supervisors retract their proposal to trap and kill the outdoor cats. Instead, we ask that you work with Alley Cat Allies, and accept their offer of a free rabies vaccination clinic for the cats in your township.

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    1. South Newton Township agree to use TNR to control cats

      On August 20, 2013, 75 people attended the meeting to discuss what would be done with the feral cats in South Newton Township. Township supervisors voted down the plan to euthanize the cats. The plan now is to TNR and vaccinate the cats.

      Saving the Newton Cats on Fox 43

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    • William Salbreiter ENDWELL, NY
      • 11 months ago

      There are other was of dealing with the problem, this should never be an option

    • Jodi Renn NEWVILLE, PA
      • 11 months ago

      I'm embarrassed to say my home is close to this township.

      • 11 months ago

      Trapping and removal of feral or wild animals of any kind has been proved time and time again not to work. TNR is the very best method of controlling populations and preventing future problems.

    • Linda Stanley CHARLOTTE, NC
      • 11 months ago

      What is he REAL reason that these cats are scheduled to be annihilated? One child bitten? I don't think so! Something more sinister is afoot. These cats deserve to live their lives in peace. Those who claim that TNR is not the answer to the immediate problem?? Having the available cat population examined, neutered, vaccinated then returned to their home, not an answer to the problem?? Vaccinated against rabies, the supposed immediate problem, not an answer? Having the cat population neutered so they won't perpetuate the feral colony, not an answer? Having the cat population examined and those that are not healthy removed from the colony, not an answer to the problem? Newton Township, look at yourself and determine the REAL problem before you set such a horrendous example for your children. If you eradicate these cats, will come to fill the void created. THOSE cats will be fertile and not vaccinated, and the current problem will simply recreate itself.

      • 11 months ago

      You supervisors and board people are totally brainless halfwits. What kind of mental midgeted armchair generals are all of you?? Why don't you all spend your taxpayer dollars actually doing something PRODUCTIVE rather than wasting it on an assinine idea of playihg Cat Hitler. For example why not make it a point to ticket speeding Dodgeboys who fly around the community in their smelly exhaust emitting trucks??? This new money can be used in a positive way to benefit the community. Or, how about rounding up deadbeat humans who are polluting the environment and not paying their taxes and sending them to Siberia??? How about ticketing owners of constantly barking dogs and cut down on noise pollution? Animals are God's creatures. I wonder what He thinks of all of your "great" ideas of how to better your township. He would most likely say your minds and thoughts are in need of vast improvements. Maybe parents should better watch their children and teach them right from wrong. Why don't you send that message to the pansy parents who can't take care of their children...maybe their children should be sent to Child Services, since the parents are incapable of raising them and telling them to stay away from unusually behaving animals...that is common sense. Don't your constituents have any common sense? Maybe stress that topic at the next twp meeting.....maybe YOU all should get common sense. I am totally offended that something of this nature was even vocalized by supposed reps of a community. Get real jobs township supervisors, and get real brains while in the process. Act rational and normal for a change.


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