Tell Their Commercial Is Offensive to Black Americans
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Senior Vice President of U.S. Marketing
Rob Singer

Tell Their Commercial Is Offensive to Black Americans

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      Crystal Page

      San Diego, CA created a commercial where a man says "I was afraid as an African American, I knew where my family history might end grandfather was born a slave but died a business man." The implication here is that ancestors of slaves should be embarrassed of this history. (Watch commercial here:

This commercial is insensitive and the implication that anyone should be ashamed of their families' past is unacceptable. Slavery, poverty and struggle are a part of our history as Americans. needs to pull this commercial from the air. This method of marketing is offensive.

Rob Singer, Senior Vice President of U.S. Marketing
I am asking you to pull the "slave to business man" commercial from TV. I find it offensive. This commercial is insensitive to the history of Black Americans. As an institution, I ask that you be more sensitive to people of color in this country.

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