Steve Thomson - BC Minister of Forests, Lands & Nat. Resources: List the Spirit Bear Under BC's Provincial Wildlife Act!
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Steve Thomson

Steve Thomson - BC Minister of Forests, Lands & Nat. Resources: List the Spirit Bear Under BC's Provincial Wildlife Act!

    1. James MacGregor
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      James MacGregor

      Kelowna, Canada

The Kermode or Spirit Bear (Ursus americanus kermodei) is a rare subspecies of the Black Bear. Estimates place the Spirit Bear population between 400 and 1000, although the general consensus would appear to be 400 or fewer. Spirit Bears are only found in British Columbia, Canada's Great Bear Rainforest and nearby areas.

Prior to 2006, clearcut logging was allowed throughout Great Bear. In 2006, roughly a half million acres of Spirit Bear habitat was protected, thanks to the efforts of local First Nations, Valhalla Wilderness Society, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and others. Also that year, the Spirit Bear was designated the official mammal of B.C. However to date, the Spirit Bear has not even received a blue or "threatened" listing under the provincial wildlife act, given its low numbers. Approximately 1 in every 10 Black Bears in Great Bear Rainforest are born white, with that number being somewhat higher on Princess Royal and Gribbell Islands - which have the highest concentration of Spirit Bears.

Trophy hunting of bears had also threatened the Kermode population. However, recently coastal First Nations imposed their own ban on trophy hunting in Great Bear Rainforest. The Raincoast Conservation Foundation also purchased several hunting licenses to stop the hunting in much of Great Bear Rainforest.

In order to preserve the Spirit Bear for the long term, the following points need to be considered by the BC government:

Completion of plans from 2006 to formalize the Spirit Bear conservancy.

BC government-mandated ban on all trophy hunting in Great Bear Rainforest.

Full rejection of the Northern Gateway pipeline and oil tanker traffic in Great Bear Rainforest - as the BC government indicated on May 31, 2013.

Give the Spirit Bear a blue (threatened) or red (endangered) listing under the provincial wildlife act in BC.

Let's make sure that one of the most unique animals and most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world remains for future generations to enjoy!

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    2. BC officially opposes Northern Gateway pipeline!

      James MacGregor
      Petition Organizer
      B.C. rejects Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal - British Columbia - CBC News

      The B.C. government has rejected a proposal for the Northern Gateway pipeline project, saying it fails to address the province's environmental concerns. The province made the announcement in its final written submission to the Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel.

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    4. 'Mother island' of B.C.'s white spirit bear at risk from Enbridge!

      James MacGregor
      Petition Organizer
      'Mother island' of B.C.'s white spirit bear at risk from Enbridge Northern Gateway tankers: research report

      Tanker traffic associated with the Enbridge Northern Gateway project poses "significant, cumulative, adverse, and immitigable impacts" to the greatest coastal habitat for B.C.'s iconic white spirit bear, a research study warns. The study expresses special concern for 20,690-hectare Gribbell Island - "the mother island of the white bear," south of Kitimat - which would be in direct line of the tanker traffic and severely impacted by a spill.

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    Reasons for signing

    • charlotte wong VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 7 months ago

      It is a bear with the name of Spirit, they live in an enchanted area , they are a symbol of hope need I say more.

    • Waltraud U. VIENNA, AUSTRIA
      • 7 months ago


      People need to vote unacting authorities and officials acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations and living creatures out of occupations ONCE AND FOR ALL!

      • 9 months ago

      All beings love and cherish life, just like us. Please watch shows "Animal World" on to understand the noble and loving nature of animals.

    • Barbara Livesey GIBSONS, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      It is crucial that we protect the Spirit Bear. This creature is unique to our heritage and must not be lost.

    • Krysten Merrick PORT MOODY, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      With out the environment around is we have no hope


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