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Steele County Attorneys Office: Demand a Sexual Predator In Law Enforcement be Held Accountable

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      Minneapolis, MN

On 07-09-10 while an inmate in the Steele County Jail serving a sentence for driving while intoxicated, I was sexually assaulted by former Officer Al Kubat during a pat search. Former Officer Al Kubat purposely grabbed my penis and testicles, then accused me of threatening him after I reported him to Steele County Jail Administrator Dan Schember via interdepartmental email.
Instead of protecting me, Steele County Jail Adminstrator Dan Schember began a campaign to coerce me into backing down from my claim (the attached video prove that he knew my claim was true) and when I refused his staff tortured me over a three day period.
This torture was psychological, physical and emotional. I was isolated, given frozen food, had my arms slammed in a steel door and forced to sleep on a concrete floor without bedding, among many other horrible things which I will outline and provide evidence for, in an upcoming petition dealing with the specific individuals involved.
Steele County Jail staff also filed several false reports against me causing me to be sent to a maximum security prison and spend 300 days in solitary confinement. When I still refused to back down they enlisted the services of Steele County Attorney Dan McIntosh who had me charged with two felony and one misdemeanor charges, which were all dismissed after Steele County Jail Administration began destroying evidence that prove my claims are true and they were attempting to cover it up.
The attached video shows the entire sexual assault and I am asking that you sign this petition demanding that this officer be charged with the crime he commited with obvious premeditation. I am not his only victim, however I am the only one with real evidence of his crimes. Please don't allow him to get away with this, the video shows he will not stop because he knows his employers will try to protect him to protect themselves. Sign the petition demanding Steele County hold him accountable.
I will be starting individual petitions to hold the other guilty individuals accountable in the near future. There is both video and document evidence that I will be providing to help you make informed decisions about how to hold each of these individuals accountable in the appropriate ways for their respective roles in this traumatic ordeal.
Thank you and may God guide your heart and give you the courage to demand justice.

Dan McIntosh, Steele County Attorneys Office
Minnesota Governor
Gov. Mark Dayton, Minnesota
Demand a Sexual Predator In Law Enforcement be Held Accountable:
I am demanding that your office hold Steele County Jail Officer Al Kubat accountable for the premeditated sexual assault of Jomari E Alexander Sr. on 07-09-2010 in the Steele County Jail.

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    • Erin August TIGARD, OR
      • 12 months ago

      No one deserves sexual assault. Arrest these people for breaking the law.

    • Darin McClinton AVON, IN
      • 12 months ago

      Because justice is for all.

    • charles pierson WILMINGTON, DE
      • 12 months ago

      Homosexual prison guards must restrain themselves, in the professional performance of their duties, from taking advantage of prisoners. It is unethical and illegal for them to use their position in the prison system to indulge their sexual desires with the prisoners.

    • Donald Addison MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • 12 months ago

      Donald Addison

    • Mandy Alexander CRYSTAL, MN
      • 12 months ago

      You can see this man knew what he was doing and he didn't show remorse for it after the incident! Shame on everyone involved who just turned their heads to Mr. Alexander's violation and pain. Ask yourself, how would you like it if another individual did this to you and there was no one there to help you?


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