Scarsdale Town Board: Don't kill the Library Pond geese
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Scarsdale Town Board: Don't kill the Library Pond geese

    1. Petition by

      GooseWatch NYC

May 2013


From Petition Organizer: Kudos and thanks to everyone who spoke out, and especially to Westchester 4 Geese, who helped convince Scarsdale to amend the contract to hire USDA Wildlife Services - surely these geese would have been slaughtered needlessly if we hadn't spoken out. Hard work and cooperative efforts really can pay off. Goosewatch NYC

This petition is in response to Scarsdale Town Board's plan to kill the geese living at Library Pond this summer.

Canada geese are beautiful, intelligent birds who mate for life, fiercely protect their eggs and young, and display loyalty for other members of their flock. The methods that USDA Wildlife Services uses to kill geese are controversial and widely understood to be grossly inhumane - during the hottest months of the year flightless geese and goslings are corralled, packed into turkey crates and transported to slaughterhouses or gas chambers.  

There is no scientific basis that geese dropping pose a threat to human health. Killing the geese is counter to public opinion, not how the residents of Scarsdale want tax dollars spent, and a horrid example for children to whom we teach tolerance and co-existence with wildlife.

Killing the geese is not an effective solution, and will only clear the area temporarily as other geese will repopulate the vacant desirable habitat. A long term strategy is required to resolve the conflict.

This unfortunate plan can be avoided by making a commitment of simple steps, such as cleaning up the grass with machines that pick up goose droppings, and making landscape modifications which hamper access to the pond and prevent geese from colonizing the pond’s surrounding area. Migratory geese will leave the area on their own in the spring, local populations that remain through the summer can effectively be controlled.

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    • Penny Rand NEW YORK, NY
      • 12 months ago

      Geese are intelligent and beautiful creatures... and no one has the right to kill them. This is beyond sad.

      • about 1 year ago

      These are noble beautiful birds. Don't kill them for no reason!!!!

    • keena chan HONG KONG, HONG KONG
      • about 1 year ago

      be kindness to animals, eventhough geese, be humane!

    • yelle nathalie QUEBEC, CANADA, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago


    • Angela Muto NEW YORK, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      It's reprehensble to have a pond that attracts waterfowl then kill the poor innocent birds when they come. To them a pond is their natural environment and they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. I have no idea how humans can feel SO ENTITLED that they would kill an innocent creature for doing nothing worse than doing what they were made to do. Get rid of the pond if you don't like the waterfowl it attracts. Also you should have been addling eggs for years already to keep a reasonable population. We have hundreds of year round resident geese in Vancouver, BC and they are not a problem. You have a human entitlement problem. These geese should not be killed. Buy a Naturesweep and addle eggs and COEXIST with the innocent birds you have.


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