Save the William H. Mason House!
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Save the William H. Mason House!

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      Thompson Connecticut's Historic Preservation Society

The William H. Mason House (c1845) is situated on Thompson Hill, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Connecticut (11/23/87). Built by mill owner William H. Mason, at the time Thompson's most powerful and wealthiest resident, the structure is matched by few others of its style in the state. Architecturally, the house is significant as one of Connecticut's best examples of the Gothic Revival style. Based upon a design published in Andrew Jackson Downing's book, "Cottage Residences" (1842), its wealth of Gothic-inspired features includes an elaborate porch with clustered columns, arched windows and porch braces, and heavily embellished bargeboards with pinnacles and drop pendants.
The owner has essentially abandoned the property for over seventeen years, allowing it to remain vacant and in increasing disrepair. It is our assertion that the property is headed toward a "demolition by neglect" situation that needs to be addressed. The best scenario would be for the owner to sell the property or restore it. Since he doesn't seem to be interested in doing either, we are asking the State of Connecticut's Historic Preservation Office to step in and save this historically significant property.
Please sign our petition and join us in our effort to save the William H. Mason House!

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    1. Hartford Courant Article

      Owner's neglect demolishing historic Thompson house, Mario Buatta

      What can you do when a property owner doesn't maintain a historic building? Some owners don't have the money or knowledge to care properly for their property. Others use neglect as a deliberate strategy for avoiding legal barriers or popular opposition. They simply leave the building to deteriorate until repairs are impossible or impossibly expensive.

    2. Connecticut contemplates legal action against the "Prince of ChintzHeadline

      Great news! The Hartford Courant recently published an article about our campaign to save the William H. Mason House! This is a good sign that many in the state are finally taking notice of the fight here in Thompson to save this beautiful house. As noted in the article, the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office sent a letter to Mr. Buatta asking him about his intentions with the property. In our opinion, it's pretty clear he intends to allow it to fall into a state of neglect that would warrant demolition. After all, he's been doing just that for over 18 years! We call on the Connecticut District Attorney to take stronger action against this negligent property owner! The Connecticut Environmental Protection Act permits legal recourse for the unreasunreasonable destruction of the state's natural resources - including historic structures and landmarks. So what's the holdup? Sign our petition and send a message - history matters!

    3. NY Times shames Buatta!

      Great News! The fight to save the William H. Mason House has finally reached Mr. Buatta's home turf! Yesterday, the NY Times published an article about our ongoing battle to save one of the most endangered properties in Connecticut!
      This fight has always been a bit of a David versus Goliath situation - a small town takes a stand against a famous and wealthy designer. Yet, with limited resources, we have taken our fight to the global community and put Mr. Buatta on notice! Owning a historical property comes with certain responsibilities - you are entrusted with a piece of history that you should respect, cherish and maintain. History is not individualized, it belongs to all of us.
      We'd like to thank the NY Times and reporter, Alison Leigh Cowan for the wonderful article and for recognizing the significance of our effort to save this beautiful house! Please share this link and our online petition - the fight is not over!

      Mario Buatta Draws Town's Ire for Connecticut Landmark in Decline

      THOMPSON, Conn. - Mario Buatta has decked out aristocratic homes for America's nouveau riche, freshened up dowdy landmarks in the nation's capital and in just five years completed a top-to-bottom transformation of a California chateau, where 98 rooms awaited his attention.

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      Thank you for signing our petition! Together we are sending a message that the history of a place matters; it's a link to the roots of our communities and our nation. Please share our information and help us reach our goal of 1000 signatures!

      "He who loves an old house never loves in vain." - Isabel La Howe Conant

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      Thank you to all who have signed our petition. The support and comments have been amazing! We're on our way - but we still have work to do to reach our goal of 1000 signatures. Please share our petition and website and voice your support for this beautiful, historic property!

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    Reasons for signing

    • rob fuoco BURLINGTON, CT
      • about 1 month ago

      this home is an irreplaceable work of art, an important part of our cultural heritage!!

    • Patricia Scott ROWAYTON, CT
      • about 1 month ago

      History is important

    • Victoria Clark GREENWICH, CT
      • 2 months ago

      The beauty and charm of historic architecture is a precious treasure that should be cherished and saved. It's an integral part of what makes our communities and environment, special, distinctive, unique and beautiful; especially in New England. Our architcture is a very important part of our heritage that we need to respect and celebrate -- not eliminate!

    • Laurie McLaughlin MONTREAL, CANADA
      • 2 months ago

      History and architecture are important.

    • Georgina Ledingham BELCARRA, BC, CANADA
      • 2 months ago

      I cannot imagine ANYONE demolishing this gorgeous old gem. Oh, to live in such a beauty!


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