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      erica shiner

      toronto, Canada

Honest Ed's is a Toronto landmark like no other. Generations of Torontonians hold this building more dear to their hearts than any other structure in the city. The Annex does not need condos; it needs Honest Ed's to maintain it's presence as an oasis of nostalgia and magic in an increasingly sterile and gentrified metropolis. This building deserves heritage designation; it should be protected as it is a beloved, iconic structure that is precious to Torontonians. PLEASE sign the petition and pass it on because we CANNOT lose this fantastic wonder of Toronto !!!

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    2. please join the facebook page!

      erica shiner
      Petition Organizer

      thanks so much to everyone for signing! we can now share more ideas on facebook! the page is available for your "liking" here:

      thanks again and please like and/or share the fb page and the petition far and wide! feel free to get in touch via the fb page so that we can brainstorm and pursue the next steps together in protecting this cherished structure!

      Save Honest Ed's

      Honest Ed's is a Toronto landmark like no other. We want to save this iconic structure from...

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    4. lets do this !

      erica shiner
      Petition Organizer

      just wanted to thank everyone for signing and sharing their reasons for signing here in the comments ! PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION FAR AND WIDE ! i have contacted councillor layton to find out more about designating the building as a heritage site so the more support we receive here the better ! thanks so much ; lets not let those lights ever go out ;)

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    • Andrew Dal Cin TORONTO, CANADA
      • 12 days ago

      You can't pull down a historic building for this condominium garbage--in the last year I've seen 4 new condo sites just on the way to work. This condo development is starting to look farcical and is sucking the actually interesting parts of Toronto out of the city and replacing it with WASPy, gentrified boredom.

    • Rhiannon Sing TORONTO, CANADA
      • about 1 month ago

      Many community members still rely on Honest Ed's and it is the heart of the Bathurst and Bloor Community. It is a symbol of Hope, Integrity, and Community that has been 'a Lighthouse' through many storms, for generations. We can't afford to lose that source of faith as it is part of our foundation. We also need to support Canadian business rather than allow corporations like WalMart and Target to destroy our economy any further. As we reach the entrepreneurial era, this would be the ideal place to foster entrepreneurship in the community and city, by giving more retail space to start-ups. Would also be a good location to foster collective purchasing. And of course, to honour Ed Mirvish for everything he did for us.

    • Kyle Nokes ALLISTON, CANADA
      • about 1 month ago

      This is a landmark of Toronto! It seems that everyday, Toronto loses a landmark.

    • Morag Hegge TORONTO, CANADA
      • 4 months ago

      Honest Ed's is an important cultural icon for the city of Toronto.

    • Jessica Chan TORONTO, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      We need to preserve the unique and historic in our increasingly bland city.


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