Raleigh City Council: Permit feeding of the homeless without scare tactics or threat of arrest.
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Nancy McFarlane

Raleigh City Council: Permit feeding of the homeless without scare tactics or threat of arrest.

    1. Andrea B.
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      Andrea B.

      Durham, NC

The homeless population of Raleigh, NC grows daily. These men, women and children are in dire need of our support. Organizations like Human Beans Together work with many volunteers to help feed them every week. They count on meals such as these to survive. How is it possible that volunteers feeding the homeless is a violation in any way whatsoever? How could the city of Raleigh not allow this? Why would they turn their back on the city's homeless? It just makes no sense.

Please, support this petition with the hopes that Raleigh will recognize the error in its ways and change their enforcement of such ridiculous rules.

Mary-Ann Baldwin, City Council At Large
Russ Stephenson, City Council At Large/Mayor Pro Tem
Nancy McFarlane, Mayor
Please consider reviewing our request that you permit feeding of the homeless without scare tactics or threat of arrest. These people need our help. Without the food we provide many men, women and children go hungry. Please help us help them. Thank you.

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    • Miranda Estep RALEIGH, NC
      • 7 days ago

      I work in downtown Raleigh and see the homeless on a regular basis. The more I interact with them and observe them the more compassion I feel towards them and the struggles that they face. It should not be illegal to distribute food to those who are hungry, especially in an area like downtown Raleigh that has such a large population of people without food, shelter or healthcare. The City Council’s argument against allowing food to be distributed in parks is that it encourages the homeless to stay in the area, which increases crime and litter in the park. These reasons are valid; however, the solution, this ordinance banning the distribution of food in parks, is not. City council must repeal this ordinance and allow food to be distributed to the homeless and should enact ordinances that are specifically tailored to prevent the problems associated with the distribution of food. The ordinance banning the distribution of food in parks in Raleigh is simply a broom sweeping the dust that is the problem of homelessness under the rug of public concern and awareness. This issue needs to be addressed now.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 9 months ago

      At any given time today in America, there are about half a million people who are "homeless" -- they don't have a “permanent, safe, decent, affordable place to live.” Around the world there are about 100 million homeless people, and many of them are women and children.

      -- Robert Alan Silverstein

    • Audrey Battle GARNER, NC
      • 10 months ago

      I have been in need of food and others were there to help me. This is our city, a reflection of us! We are eager to help other countries before our own neighbors in struggle..

      • 11 months ago

      YES I SIGN !


      CAN !

    • Mary Bartholomew WINSTON SALEM, NC
      • 11 months ago

      We need to be helping others.


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