Puppies in Peril
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Puppies in Peril

    1. Rachel Juzkiw
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      Rachel Juzkiw

      Montgomery, IL

Puppies born in breeding kennels (about 360,000 per year) are sold to pet shops. What many purchasers are surprised to find is that their puppy has a serious ailment that can be very expensive to cure. Puppies born in many of these kennels can look forward to nothing more than abusive human contact and no contact with other animals of their species. This can cause constant yelping, skittish behaviors, biting and other nervous disorders later in life. Laws governing how breeding kennels are operated should be made and strictly enforced. Should a kennel break any of these laws, they should be tagged with a felony and be banned from breeding any type of animal in the future. Female dogs are constantly impregnated from a very young age. When their fertility wanes, they may be killed, abandoned or sold to another kennel. Many cruel actions will be taken just to get one more litter. These dogs and their offspring rarely get proper medical care or vaccinations, are kept in tiny cages and are often abused. Kennels that follow the laws should be rewarded because they are treating the dogs with respect and love. Puppies as well as parents should be given playtime with other dogs and with humans everyday.

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    • Barbara Mertens NEUENKIRCHEN, GERMANY
      • over 1 year ago

      All "puppy farms" (dog breeding facilities) should be banned world wide

    • Gianna Macias MEXICO CITY, MEXICO
      • over 1 year ago

      One strike and shut the business. There are laws against killing but people still.


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